Is worth buying a PS Vita for the sole purpose of using...

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Topic title was too long so here's the complete question: Is worth buying a PS Vita for the sole purpose of using it with PS+ games?

I'm talking about the "The Walking Dead bundle" that comes with a 4GB memory card.


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I have The Walking Dead PS Vita bundle on layaway at Walmart mainly for the reasons to play the free games that are included with the PS+. So... umm yea, yea it is.

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The games alone on Plus are worth owning a Vita. I might consider getting one for Christmas just for the games.

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Yeah. PS+ and a Vita pretty much sets you for the entire year provided you have any sort of internet connection. Of course, you'll be missing out on classics like Persona 4 Golden and Virtue's Last Reward, which shame on you for.

But PS+ is a fantastic deal on the Vita. You get a great pseudo-console graphics pusher in Uncharted, the Vita's best unique IP in Gravity Rush, and crack cocaine in video game form with WipeOut.

Add on The Walking Dead and the other PS+ freebies (Hotline Miami!) and you're pretty much set.

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Eh, I dunno man.

I've had a Vita for like 6 months + now and I haven't finished one game.

I dunno if the Vita is any good...

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Absolutely. A majority of the Vita games I've played have all been from PS Plus. I've only actually bought 2 retail games in the almost year that I've had it. Everything else has been from PS Plus and there's been more than enough to keep me busy.

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Yep, pretty much worth it. If you haven't played TWD on other platforms, that game's a nice bonus.

A Vita is a great platform, considering the fact you can play PSP, PSOne, and (soon) PS4 games with it. And of course, Vita games.

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I think the Vita is a great console that is very under rated, the PS+ offering is really good and well worth getting the console for in my opinion, so much so that I have run out of room on my 32gb card with all the games that have been made available. Great way of getting home console quality games when away from home.

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IMO yes, 75% of my games came from PS+. So good, others meh. The plus games pay for the vita IMO. Oh and @Blabadon VLR came to plus in NA.

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For a month

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I got a second hand vita for this reason.Just don't get a 4gig memory stick with.Trust me you'll regret it.

I have to delete everything every single time i want to play a different game.