Is there no more listen mode in last of us remastered?

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i could have sworn there was a listen mode in the multiplayer when i played it on ps3, yet i couldnt seem to do it this time. did they take it out? i hope so, it was horrible for game balance

also what the hell is up with the paid perks? way to ruin the game, not to mention i thought the ps4 version was supposed to come with all dlc anyway!

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I played the hell out of The Last of Us on PS3 and even got a Platinum in the game. Listening mode was incredibly limited in MP, you could listen for like 3 secondish and then it needed to recharge...but you know, it was a long time ago as I've played a lot of games since that game released last year. So, I can't recall if it was a booster or what, but it was intact back when it launched.

There was a big debate in completely removing listening mode in a future update. Some people felt it was more of an exploit and there was a community debate at one point. Maybe they limited it, or you have to unlock it, or maybe it's truly removed. If it is removed, it would be removed for everyone so at least it's balanced.

I don't have the PS4 version since I didn't want to pay $50 for a game I beat 4 times and mastered on MP....but I may buy it for $20 in the far future for that DLC. I never did buy the DLC as I'm not a big fan of buying DLC at full price.