Is there a possibility of getting Suikoden II and III on the PSN?

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#1 Posted by Kourtesy (2 posts) -
Is it a possibility?
#2 Posted by ChiefFreeman (5523 posts) -
I'd like to play Suikoden 2, so I don't have to pay $200 for it on Ebay. Microsoft did it with Radiant Silvergun, so Sony should too.
#3 Posted by Kourtesy (2 posts) -
what about suikoden III? Will it ever hit the PSN?
#4 Posted by Legolas_Katarn (15592 posts) -
No way of knowing, it would be nice. I'd prefer to not have to use my Suikoden 2 disk and it would be nice to play it on the Vita.
#5 Posted by elbert_b_23 (8247 posts) -
i would love to have 2 but at this point i don't see it likely for all they released the first game back in dec of 08 and they have just nearly stopped releasing ps1 games but its up to konami if it comes out, now for 3,4,5 a lot of companies have been supporting ps2 psn games but if they never release 2 then konami may not feel like releasing the other games.
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If any of you are Facebook users, you may want to check out the Suikoden Revival Movement.

We're actually pushing to not only have the games return to the original Suikoden universe from Suikoden 1 through 5 with a proper sequel, but we're trying to get the classic games brought to PSN, Xbox Arcade, and mobile devices.

I recommend checking it out.