Is there a memory stick limit for psp?

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#1 Posted by Sk8erG4388 (3 posts) -

I was wondering if someone could tell me if the 8G Memory Stick Pro DUO is compatible with the PSP

My PSP is the new slim version

just wondering so if i go out an buy it i dont get bumed out when it dosent work

#2 Posted by WSGRandomPerson (13693 posts) -
Yes it does work with the PSP, but make it sure it says ' Sony ' on the stick itself. But i heard it's a whole lot slower then a 4GB. It's better off just buying 2 4GB's rather then 1 8GB's slow, and the loading times with it slows. Like when you look through it on the PSP itself, it takes longer to see the little icon and stuff..
#3 Posted by cudzooking (556 posts) -

I agree with the above. I have both an 8gb and a 4gb, and the 4 does load faster. Its noticable, but not too big of a problem. If you like to speed through with things get the 4s, otherwise the 8 should be fine.