Is the PS4 Online Play and Interface Improved from the PS3?

Posted by ConsoleGamer2 (8 posts) 5 months, 16 days ago

Poll: Is the PS4 Online Play and Interface Improved from the PS3? (11 votes)

Yes 45%
No 9%
Somewhat 18%
No answer 27%

How much better is the PS4 online play and system interface compared to the PS3? Are there still many long updates like the PS3 had? Do games and updates download faster?

#1 Posted by DHMATT90 (142 posts) -

If an update is long or not, it depends on what they are updating.

Downloads depend mainly on your internet speed ofcourse.

As for the interface, I would say it's somewhat improved.

Now it's more social than before, but I do miss having the option to save music and videos.

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This is easy. Downloads are super fast. Installs are fast, way faster than Xbone installs (check out youtube), Updates are quick, you can play the games even while they are installing, the online play is great, Party chat is intact, voice messages, etc.

Yes to everything. The UI is a little barebones at the moment, but it's better than the competition's UIs at this stage (faster and way easier to navigate).

#3 Posted by MethodManFTW (25846 posts) -

I would say the interface is worse. By far.

Though a leaked update shows folder support is coming, so that should fix that.

Everything else is better though.

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@MethodManFTW: where did you hear about folder support? It's good lately you have tone down attempting to insult me or just being sarcastic and now we can be civilized just talking gaming etc. I appreciate that . We don't have to agree with everything but I am usually right when it comes to social perspective which is proven by the responses on the polls I make(lol).

I want the folder support but also just as bad mp3 and dnla and a bunch of other customizations. I read they were just hiring someone for mp3 and was talking about next yr when we would get all these interface upgrades.

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@ewalthour: I still believe you are a moron I'm just ignoring most of what you say now.

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@ewalthour: You will not dictate who I do and don't reply too, but as I stated in the post you responded to, I am ignoring most of your posts.

Enjoy a forum mostly free of my replies. Goodbye.

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#9 Posted by gcfreak898 (1762 posts) -

Much improved. Makes me want to say it's better than Xbox live.