Is "The Last of Us" overrated?

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Absolutely not! Naughty Dog creates amazing games. They are one of the few developers who go to great lengths to create a game with a defining story. I rented this game from GameFly when it was released for the PS3. Now, I have a PS4 and recently purchased the remastered version. I am going to start playing it again soon. Most people don't take the time to focus on the story. A lot of people want a quick-n-easy game style that allows them to rush to the objective, receive a wonderful trophy for all of their "effort" and move on to the next best thing. There are so many things about this game that have defined what developers should focus on their future games. This is just my opinion...

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Like he said, 'Absolutely not!' Personally, its not in any way overrated. The story and gameplay were equally spectacular (in my opinion) and I think those who didn't enjoy it were them' "shoot and run" type of players who prefer full-on-gameplay experience and those who don't appreciate the marvel of story telling in games. Take Tell Tale's The Walking Dead Game for example, a completely different game from TLoU but focuses much more on storytelling than gameplay and let's face it, 'terrible-ish' graphics but more like an artistic comic-style art- and yet, it won game of the year.

Personally, outstanding game.

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Well, first of all, a game "being overrated" is a personal view. So you'll always find someone who thinks a game is overrated. I find TLoU not overrated. Even a game scoring 10/10 isn't flawless. No game ever is flawless. That applies to TLoU, too. But it's a well crafted experience with thrilling events and dramaturgy with simple but solid and glitch-free survival mechanics. The game doesn't over-complicate things but still offer you a crafting system that is really useful. There a many scenes that let you decide how to solve the conflict (not story-wise, of course, but gameplay-wise). Exploring get you rewarded by finding stuff you need for crafting or by finding things that adds up to the atmosphere.

The AI is clever and your followers react believable to their surround. They staring at things like posters, looking under stuff. Ellie starts to whistle or hum a song, comment different actions and situations. For the atmosphere there is this downside that the enemy AI won't react to your followers AI if you haven't spotted. For the gameplay it's good because... you know games like Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6 and other ones with company AI being more useless and a pain in the ass than helpful. The gameplay is rather slow-paced so you have to take your time, adapt your "consumption" accordingly. It's not a Soldier of Fortune 1 or Quake. Focusing on story, characters, your surroundings and the subtle things. I've finished it three times and every time I noticed something else I haven't before.

The graphics aren't state-of-the-art but the atmosphere is great and the graphics and art-design deliver exactly what you need for this sort of game. The voice acting and cutscene acting is superb. And the protagonist isn't a typical hero you would expect.

Sure, the story isn't something like a Memento by Christopher Nolan. But then again it's a simple apokalyptic story with mankind doomed to die or kill themselves. But for that it does a pretty good job with the story-arc and its dramaturgy.

Of course there will be people criticizing things about the game. As for any game. You could criticize the lack of exploring (it would be wrong to say there is no exploring at all, however). Maybe one do really think so but then the same person should be honest and criticize this for many other action and story-driven games. And for that genre it's probably over 80% of them because it's rather untypical for such games. And one have to weight negative points: is this a real shortcoming you can't get over with and would eliminating it make the game better WITHOUT creating shortfall in some other aspect? (let's say someone wished more action. That could be a legitit criticism. But wouldn't it less survival, making finding stuff more and more obsolet?)
I don't think it's the best game I've ever played but it's a damn good one and therefore not overrated. My amount of playthroughs speak for itself. I think it's only topped by Deus Ex 1, Fallout 2 and Prince of Persia Warrior Within (this one with all its flaws >.>).

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Its not overrated to me. It's one of the most original games in a long while. Yes, the game is a survival, horror slash action adventure game but it amalgamates all those genres perfectly together with a main character the has flaws and feel more human than real humans.

Ellie is a girl with a potty mouth but grows up so quickly to in order to survive and still has kept some innocence. Ellie has obviously filled a void in joel life. The clickers are a original idea or twist from zombies and the AI of the humans are very well done. The story sucks you in to care about everyone and whoever dies you feel the loss.

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I thought more people would jump in to defend this game....

Anyway, its quite obvious nobody here is going to take my critism seriously, Especially the guy up there who believes the gameplay is perfect. Its not...

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I'm getting sick of hearing about it & I wish people would put their focus on other games.

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@ewalthour: it still doesn't change the remastered isn't worth $50 even though it's a great game. Of course the game has flaws but all games has something wrong with it but it's a great human story.

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It's a great game. One of my top 15 all time games for sure. Probably cracks my top 10.

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I liked it. With an amazing story, awesome world and mediocre gameplay I'd say it was rated pretty accurately at 8/10.

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It's popular, so of course it's going to be overrated. At least it will to some people. But personally, no. I think the game is all it's cracked up to be. I'm not really for remastering it after it's only been out for like a year, but since a lot of people have jumped over to the PS4, I've accepted that as a justification for what is otherwise a shameless cash grab.

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No. It is probably one of those once in a life time experience. Enjoy it now and hope ND can somehow top it.

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For me personally, yes I think it is a little overrated. Don't get me wrong, it's a brilliant game and one of the most emotional games I've ever played... but it's a game that I think you can only play once or maybe twice at the most. And for a game to be a 10/10 for me, it needs to have high replay value.

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Play Last of Us, then play a game like Call of Duty, then ask this question again. I'm sure you will realise this question is embarrassing :)

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Not in the slightest a well told story with believeable characters and variety in gameplay make it a game worthy of its praise.

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A game that I would say is truly overrated is Call of Duty.

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It is ridiculously overrated. The game is fun and its very good but the obscene amount of praise and hype it gets is way over the top. It in no way deserves that much praise when it has its share of glaring flaws. Like I said I really like the game.. but the praise it gets is just absurd,

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I think much of its praise is merited. I personally wouldn't place it within my top 50 games, but It does what it does extremely well. However, I could name one of Naughty Dog's other works that deserves practically no praise whatsoever...

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Whats embarrasing is comparing too different games that are nothing alike.

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Yeh it is, It is a good game, and as someone else stated it is a game with an excellent story (in truth it is the execution of the story, not the story in itself), a well detailed World with alot of care put into it, but the actual gameplay mechanics and systems are standard and barebones at best.

so it is a good game, but I can for hte life of me not see it at being anything be-all-end-all of games. I would say that in alot of ways it is like Max Payne 3, but with a more diverse set of gameplay elements (basic as they may, they really help to mix up the feel).

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Yeah I do personally. I think the story is great and the combat has a good weight to it but some of the other aspects of the game really annoyed me.

Too many bugs that ripped me out of the immersion, like Joel's flashlight shining straight through his body when using the leg up animation or his magic backpack with enough weapons in it to storm an embassy.

The stupid wave attacks that happen throughout the game. You bust your ass sneaking through endless amounts of clickers and runners only to have the game force you into combat while one of your companions opens a door.

The same companions who seem to want to sprint around you at full speed often running straight into a runner while you are trying to sneak through an area. All you can hear is their damn footsteps thudding all around you when trying to listen to enemies.

The fact the only really charismatic character in the game died in the prologue.

Platforming and navigation that a toddler could have worked out and WAY too many cut scenes.

I wasn't pulled into the game all that much if I'm honest. I find it very hard people can overlook these clear problems with a game and call it a masterpiece.

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It's a great game, and great ND franchise but failed to reboot the survival horror genre for me anyway. It's too linear, and slow controls... like sludge. It's basically a zombie soap opera with only a handful of scary moments in between the mellow drama.

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Crazy talk.

ND deserves the praise. Clearly one of the games that stood out the most last gen.

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Givin the history of the genre then I would say its those very things, are what make TLOU a great survival horror game.

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Yep...of course everyone's opinion is different. For me it's a good solid game, but it's no where near as good as people make it out to be. Personally I just think it is hyped to the heavens because it is a ND game, and because it is a PS exclusive.

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Great game, I had ton's o'fun.

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No, I believe GameSpot gave it an appropriate review.

However, it is the best current-gen game out there and anyone who didn't play it prior I would suggest the remastered edition.

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The game isn't over rated. This game feels a little short and the multiplayer is okay. But, overall this game is awesome.

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Not overrated whatsoever. It has some flaws - stupid as hell ladder and plank moving and sometimes wonky A.I. but besides for that it's near perfect.

11/10 one of the best games of the generation

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Really ? You think The Last Of Us is short ?

Usually its Role Playing Gamer's who say that.

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@Lulu_Lulu: I'm not too much into role playing games. I will say the single player is longer than some games. But, it still feels kind of short. Never owned it on ps3 so I got it at the right time for sure.

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Maybe it was Short.... But it was a chore to playthrough sometimes and it made the gamefeel like a drag....

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nope.. deserves all of the praise it has gotten

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I didn't particularly enjoy it, but I'm also not a huge fan of Naughty Dog. Just couldn't get into TLOU honestly. I played it for hours, but eventually stopped and sold the game. That was for PS3.

I'm not here to rain on any one's parade though. Just not a game I personally liked very much.

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I finished playing it on PS4 for the first time a few days ago. And I can safely say it's the single best told story in any game ever made so far. It had me emotionally drained by the end. I love it. Only problem is that it's depressing by nature. Leaves me feeling depressed for real. Especially (SPOILER ALERT!) Sam and Henry's dilemma :( But it's so well done and impactful it's crazy.

Now as for gameplay. It's fantastic. The gunplay is iffy at the beginning for some reason. But once you upgrade your character and weapons, it feels really tight and responsive as a result. And Jesus is it hard. I played it on hard first time and I died like 130 times. It's cover mechanics are very dynamic as well. Like it doesn't lock you the the barrier. The weapon upgrades are also hard to come by. The whole idea about living off the land, limited recources and no regen health actually makes it the oppisite of a movie game like trolls like to claim. It is not overrated. It deserves all the praise it gets. It's not perfect. But no masterpiece is. I'm looking at you dumb shit AI. That being said it isn't underrated either.

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No and if anyone says it is, is talking absolute rubbish. if that was the guess then 200 awards and pretty much 10/10 across the board are lying about it. The Story is honestly on par with some of the great Hollywood films in my eyes, the gameplay doesn't do anything different, it's just solid gameplay. it's perfection, it pushed what the PS3 is capable of. the AI is not great, but I'm wanting something more human like from the AI which just isn't being done anywhere in gaming and with the limitations of the PS3 i can't really fault them, for me it's the defining game of the PS3.

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At the risk of getting flamed by all the naughty dog fanbois, I'd say ye it's overrated.

I'm a long time playstation fan grew up a major sony fanboy but truth be told, TLOU is overrated. it has an amazing story, which we've all seen or read in many different ways. Many enviroments and areas in the game remind me im playing a game, they look like a perfectly scripted assault course, not so much a lived in destroyed enviroment. sneaking around watching Ellie, Tess, Bill Whoever just run around from place to place 180 turning and just spinning like a total mong utterly RUINS all immersion when creeping.

the story is perfectly designed, character dynamics fleshed out at exactly the right times. but I'd hardly call naughty dog out for a top job well done on something they're renown for being amazing at in the first place. I expected more. But i love the game.

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Game is pretty bad. Story is hackneyed, not much going on in the gameplay department (little to craft, not many gameplay mechanics, standard TPS), poorly paced, and generally a boring game to play. I don't really recommend it unless you're easily impressed by uber-scripted linear zombie apocalypse games.

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@Farty_Fartsalot: dude, i CANNOT express how much the last of us is overrated, the game looks SUPER BORING, and people are about to spend money on getting the same game with a slight change: the quality is brighter. but the fans call it "remastered".

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@Farty_Fartsalot: dude, i CANNOT express how much the last of us is overrated, the game looks SUPER BORING, and people are about to spend money on getting the same game with a slight change: the quality is brighter. but the fans call it "remastered".

It looks boring? Have you ever played it? Also, the "quality is brighter"? 60fps is a huge improvement, and the graphics are clearly improved in every area. Last of Us is probably my favorite game of the PS3 era and it's my favorite game for my PS4 so far.. And yes, people call the game The Last of Us Remastered because that is what the game is named.

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Absolutely. Titles such as Portal 2 are far better games.

#45 Posted by Farty_Fartsalot (29 posts) -

The Story is honestly on par with some of the great Hollywood films in my eyes

You obviously haven't seen very many great films. Do you really think it would be on par with movies like "Taxi Driver" or "Chinatown"?

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I think it'a pretty spectacular and deserves pondering whether or not it deserves to be called a masterpiece. I for one think it comes very close, and is undoubtedly a fantastic work of art.

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I am ~ 3 hours in

I just met Bill

and am not sold on this game. I heard it should get better now with every second. I have to confirm it. You now have a clean target about what to do and it is more fun since you can kill clickers in combat.

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@bezza2011 said:

The Story is honestly on par with some of the great Hollywood films in my eyes

You obviously haven't seen very many great films. Do you really think it would be on par with movies like "Taxi Driver" or "Chinatown"?

I've seen plenty of great movies, thankyou very much and yes It's up there with them, and I think character development and chemistry in this game is better than Taxi Driver, I mean by the middle of the game I developed an emotional connection with both characters and by the end I'm blown away by there accomplishments and team work, the writing is up there, with the best.

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The guy above is not too bright... lol.

Better than "Taxi Driver"??? LMAO.

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Did you really have to make a thread about it ? Seriously ?