Is Sony ONLY selling 12gig PS3's from now on?

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I'm a little worried guys. My PS3 stopped spinning discs about 3weeks ago and I have had ZERO luck finding anything but 12gig PS3's for sale in any store, or online for that matter.

I'm just wondering if anyone has heard anything at all about PS3's with larger HDD's becoming available.

What the hell is Sony thinking anyway? I can't even install Tekken Tag 2 on a useless 12gig. Who the hell needs that?!

I'm in Canada so I guess this is aimed more at any Canadians on these boards. Thanks for any info.

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Amazon has a few 250G bundles in stock from what I've seen. I don't know about the Canadian site, but anything above a 250G PS 3 is rare. The 500G models are almost non-existent, unless you want to buy from the marketplace.

I haven't checked stores down here in the states, but you're right 12g seems like a joke.

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We still have plenty of the bundle with The last of us at 249$ in canada and have some in stock. My local futureshop have them stock too

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@jasean79 @Lord_of_Terrans: my city's dry. I've been to every Best Buy, Futureshop, Target, and Walmart. Nothing but 12giggers. Even EB appears to be sold out according to their online inventory. But thanks I'm going to see what Amazon has.

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Well that is weird. But generally speaking where I live (Northern Europe) there's plenty of 12GB and 500GB Superslims out here. 250GB models have disappeared from store shelves so I assume in the future there will be only those 2 options available. Bought myself a 500GB model recently.

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i don't understand a 12gb ps3 surely right out the box it's out of memory :S why would they even have this??

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@bezza2011 said:

Why would they even have this??

To sell them those HDD mounting brackets when they realize not all games work on the model and they need a new hard drive :P

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Oddly enough, I noticed the 12 gigs were a deleted sku in our inventory today (Best Buy). I wonder if Sony has something else coming?

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@Dilrod said:

Oddly enough, I noticed the 12 gigs were a deleted sku in our inventory today (Best Buy). I wonder if Sony has something else coming?

I believe they're releasing a new model that will be more compatible with the PS Now service that's arriving this summer.

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Can't you just install the drive from your existing PS3?

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My nephew bought the 12GB but he's not up on simply replacing the HDD with a higher capacity one... I haven't seen the newer PS3 design up close so if it's as easy as the older PS3 replacement HDD then it's not a real issue. The only trouble I had replacing my 40GB PS3 version was the metal bracket that held the HDD wouldn't come unscrewed I had to literally break off two of the screws so it's being held in with only 2 screws... it was like two of the screws were welded into place. There's a $50 or so difference in the 12GB and the next sku so I'd just save the trouble and buy one of the bundles.

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I actual just acquired another PS3 recently to support my PS4 until it gets more games. I was able to get a white 500GB model three at Gamestop, and it has a year of PS Plus with it as well, although I already have Plus, it's still a cool thing to have. Been redownloading all my purchased games, and starting to get Plus games as well. I used to be strictly against downloading "free" Plus games, but I've since gotten over it.

Sadly, PSN went to shit tonight on me. I downloaded Bioshock Infinite earlier today at 5.5 GB or so in 60 minutes. Killer is Dead was dropped to $29, and I went for it, and at close to the same size, is looking to take three and a half hours. Yikes.

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The 12gb PS3s aren't that bad. You can pick them up cheap and put another HDD in it. Problem solved.

If your current PS3 is on it's deathbed, keep the hardrive and put that in the 12gb.