Is it worth sticking with Dragon's Dogma?

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I'm asking because I'm really not enjoying it so far. I've had it for a few months but I've hardly played it. It just hasn't grabbed me. I'm at the part where you get to Gran Soren and the person at the Inn tells you to go to the Pawn Guild. The things I don't like are the blurry graphics, there's no atmosphere anywhere, the world is big but feels empty, the combat just feels like a mindless hack and slash, the NPC's who travel with me keep saying stupid sh!t over and over, the skills and levelling system could've been handled way better and I hate, HATE, the massive black border at the top and bottom of the screen. Is it worth sticking with Dragon's Dogma? Did you dislike it at first?
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I throughly enjoy the game, enough to start it over when my save file got corrupted (get a usb drive and back it up)! There is a lot to do (such as combining) and the combat is great. Gryphons and Trolls are a lot of fun to hunt. However, if you have not enjoyed it up to that point, you probably won't find much new. Play it a bit longer maybe and if your opinion doesn't change, switch to something else! Life is too short to be stuck with a game you dislike.
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Life is too short to be stuck with a game you dislike.jordonj
Took the words right out of my mouth :cool: And just to add, there are plenty of great games out there to compensate.
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I didn't stick with it for very long.

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I've returned it. Thanks for the replies.