Is it bad to leave game disc inside PS4/Console?

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Well, is it?

I had a Wii before, and the disc was perfectly fine after being inside the system for ages, but I AM kinda concerned about the PS4, because for my Last of Us Remastered Disc, I put it in and never took it out until I was done with the game. When I took it out, the back of the disc looks wierd? I don't exactly know how to describe, but it just wasn't clear as usually. But after a day inside the disc-box, it became normal. I never checked if this happened for my other games xD but all of my discs are still alright.

Is it alright to leave the game disc inside the system?

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It should be okay in there as long as you don't move your PS4 console while it is in there.

Always take out your discs if you move your console around anywhere.

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PS1 or PS2 game discs, fine in my opinion, but PS3/4 its crappy, I take out my discs always.

I still have a few PS1 discs somewhere, and I can put them in the dishwasher if I want, they are made so well.

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I always take my games out off my PS2,3 and 4.

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Your game disc will be just fine if you leave it in the console. Your console will not be damaged.

This may even help by preventing dust from getting on the disc reader lens area. But should you need to clean the disc head reader there are many third party Blu Ray lens cleaners.

I always remove the disc from console.

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I leave my discs in my PS3 and PS4, no issues with any of them. Actually, I never remove my discs from a game console unless I'm switching them out and none of my consoles or games have give me any sort of issues or failed on me.

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I have always left discs in all my systems over the years. Unless i was switching games. I have never had an issue!!

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I don't see why it would be a problem.

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Yep I leave my disc's in there all the time, I think I've had my UFC game in there since it came out lol, It's only sitting on a disc tray like it would in a cd player or something like that, the only difference is the fact of how it gets into the disc tray, i wouldn't worry,

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I usually always leave the disc in the console. Just don't move the console with the disc inside. I've never had a problem doing this. If you're worried about it though just take the disk out every time. Better to do that than worry if it's going to get messed up. The only system I've ever taken the disc out every time with is the Wii U because there is a small white light on the front of the console to indicate when a disc is in the console. I just hate having that lite 24/7.

Edit: If you use your PS4 a lot and there isn't a lot of room around your PS4 to ventilate I can see the disc becoming hot and looking weird.

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There should be no problem as long as you don't bump or move the PS4, the disc will be fine.

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I always leave them in there.. unless I switch games.

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i always leave them in, and i have had no problem so far

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Its fine, I have been doing it for years and nothing ever happened.