Is it a Good Idea to Upgrade the PS4 HDD after purchasing?

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The reason I ask because I plan on purchasing a PS4 really soon. My issue is that empty 500GB HDD. I plan on purchasing a boat load of games off PSN, plus some Movies and I'm aware of the mandatory installs now in this generation. I'm indecisive in whether it's a good idea to simply ditch the empty 500gb hdd, which seem like a waste and just go all out and install a 2TB hdd.

  1. Have you, fellow PS gamers done this and Is it worth ditching that empty 500GB hdd in the PS4 and upgrade to an internal 2TB HDD right away?
  2. or should I simply stick with the 500GB, fill it up after a few months or years, and then upgrade to either an External (if Sony supports it) to back everything up or simply install an Internal HDD 2TB?
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Cant you re-use the 500GB HDD in a PC or something?

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yes, do it immediately after you buy the ps4... :)

1. i upgraded my ps4 to a 1 tb ssd the day i bought it even before turning it on...

2. if you do that, you will need to re-download and re-install every game prior to upgrading...

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I was thinking of upgrading to a hybrid drive at some point. When I do how do you transfer all your downloaded stuff over?

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@AutoPilotOn: sshd is a good choice as well, unfortunately you cannot transfer you downloaded games, you have to download and install them again after swapping your drive... :(

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@M8ingSeezun: You could just wait and see, the HDD will get cheaper in the meantime

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If you plan on upgrading and you haven't purchased your PS4(and you have the money) then, YES, upgrade that sucker before you do anything. It's a no-brainer. I did the same at launch and have a moderate collection of games and have already surpassed the 500gig mark( I think I have 482 left), so do yourself a favor and upgrade before you build your library.

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Yes if you can upgrade the 500GB HDD as soon as possible. I have had my Playstation 4 console since launch. I have 12 retail games and all of the PS+ monthly rental throw in's. Plus I have bought sound shapes with the $10.00 PSN free credited when you buy a PS4. The PS4 games feature mandatory data installs which eats into your HDD space. I had reached the limit with just 3.25 GB left. So when I bought my 12th PS4 retail game their wasn't enough space on the HDD fore the data install. I ended up deleting the Final Fantasy Beta. Final fantasy is a whooping 39GB Data install. So once I deleted that I was fine for now.

I just use my PS4 for playing videogames, No music, Movies, or TV shows or any non gaming data is downloaded on my PS4 HDD. I have a total PS4 game library of 28 games. By deleting the Final Fantasy Beta I freed enough space for the moment. I currently just have 35GB of usable HDD space left. So depending on the game That will be gone this year. Game install data, game saves and PSplus monthly games do eat up HDD space faster than I expected.

Still there is the cloud to put stuff and I will see how much games I can put onto my PS4. before I have to upgrade the HDD. So far in 8th months I have almost used up my PS4 HDD space. Out of 500GB only 407GB is usable. Eventually Sony will release PS4 with larger HDD's And unlike the Xbox one. The PS4 HDD can be swapped out for a larger one.

So yep if your a core/hard core/heavy gamer/game collector etc. Upgrading the HDD is a good thing to do. Eventually I will. It is surprising how fast the HDD fills up. And I only use my PS4 for gaming nothing else.

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Wow, didn't realize the games take that much to install and how fast they fill up.

Thanks, and I appreciate much of the feedback from you fellow Playstation gamers!

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That dude is an actual gamer.

Most of us wont have 100+ games on our console or use much of the HHD space. 500g is more than enough, but if you buy games whether good or bad just cuz you can, you will need the extra space. I recently heard that one game requires a whopping 50g to install at start.

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not every game requires 50 gb space but its expansions (if you buy them) and update files tend to add many more gb to a game, other than that if one plays only one game exclusively (a couple of my friends only play fifa series) then swapping the hdd would be overkill... :)

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I haven't come close to filling up my PS4's HDD yet. However, when there is a sale on a 1TB laptop hard drive under $60 I will probably buy one and replace the 500GB one in my PS4 just to future proof it.

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For TC I would definitely recommend upgrading the HDD since you plan to buy a good chunk of games off of PSN. If you are going to buy physical disks for the games I think 500GB is alright. Of course I might change my mind in a year or two. But with how fast games have been installing I have no problem deleting a game when I'm done playing it and re-installing it again if I want to play it again.