Is gaming on a 60Hz (5ms) TV sufficient?

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I'm looking into a new TV, but am curious how fast it should be if I want to go online. I currently have a 60Hz (8ms) TV, and it has worked fine with games like Killzone 2 online. However, for some reason every now and then, the TV loses the signal. I don't know whether this is due to the refresh rate or the HDMI cable. So basically, do I need a 120Hz TV, or is 60Hz good enough?

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The refresh rate would not cause you to lose signal, and I highly doubt that the difference is significant enough to worry about.
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Or even better like a new LG with 250 (I think) of Tru Motion Tech. Wrap your mind around that.

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Or even better like a new LG with 250 (I think) of Tru Motion Tech. Wrap your mind around that.

If you researched those TVs you would see that most reviewers say there is little to no difference in HD channels. There is only a small difference during BD playback.
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60Hz is perfectly fine.
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sounds good to me

but i dont understand tv's much:P

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Only reason I could see someone wanting a 120hz+ refresh rate would be if you are really looking forward to the 3D glasses thing various companies are planning and actually think it will come out before you buy another TV.

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most current games barely even render at 60hz. Sounds like a cable issue. The only reason I could see needing a 120hz TV for gaming is if you wanted to display at 1080i, but if you could use 1080p why would you use interlaced?

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60hz is only going to be noticeable with HD programming ... like bluray movies and satelitte or cable HD channels. I notice a lot of motion blurring especially in sports. The 120hz would really fix that. but games seem to be stuck at a 30fps to 60fps variable rate.. some even dip below 30... and normal tvs are at 60hz which is basically 60fps. So you really shouldn't see a noticeable difference in gaming with 120hz, but it will be good for the other things I mentioned.
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Ok, thanks to everyone. :)