Is cleaning the console necessary?

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I've stumbled upon many forums about cleaning the ps4/ps3, and heard of many methods to do so. I've been a little hesitant about cleaning my ps4 because I never touched my Wii before and it was in decent conditions for 6 years.

There's plenty of dusts in my house and my PS4 attracts dusts like how honey attracts flies. I just use a cloth "duster" to sweep the dusts off the surface once in a while. How about inside the ps4? I've heard of people using "Vacuum's" to clean it by just sucking up dusts around the ps4 and all the plug and USB ports. But is it really "okay" to use a vacuum (mini vacuum) to cleanse the console?

I've heard of people using "compressed air" to clean it, but wouldn't that just help the dust get farther inside???

Please tell me if you have any other suggestions, or that if you don't bother cleaning your console at all and it's still In pleasant shape.

Thanks a bunch

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i have never cleaned my console/s...

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Well any console can do with regular maintenance. Just like how PCs today draw in air to cool down their system most consoles do as well. After a while it will accumulate dust inside. This could lead to increased heat inside the console which could to bigger issues further down the road. Or could settle on the laser diode and cause disc reading problems. I can't imagine that there would be much dust in there yet. But cleaning out the dust a year from now would probably be recommended.

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I'm trying to do the same with my PS4.. The way my room is set up, my PS4 is next to a air vent. Things around it tend to accumulate a lot of dust.. I'm planning on taking some compressed air and cleaning in all the little air holes every couple of months or something. Though, I really didn't have a problem with my 8 year old PS3.

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Just put something cloth-like on the PS4 to cover the whole PS4 then dust will have a hard time to get inside of the PS4 (only do it when you don't use the PS4). I personally never clean my console and nothing happen with it but PC is a different story lol.

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My xbox one collects alot of dust i have to use a cloth to clean the dust off the system everyday.

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I usually clean all my systems one a week, I live in Cleveland, even if I play my PS4 22 hours a day it'll still collect dust lol

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I have never cleaned the inside of any console, only the outside. When i can type my name in dust on the surface it is time to do some cleaning:P

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@robdacool: @aroxx_ab: do you just 'dust' or 'wipe' (dry) the dust off the surface of the ps4? Or do u use a wet cloth to clean the top as well?

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@thegamingjunkie said:

@robdacool: @aroxx_ab: do you just 'dust' or 'wipe' (dry) the dust off the surface of the ps4? Or do u use a wet cloth to clean the top as well?

I have a Swiffer duster thing I use, I rarely use a wet cloth

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I just try to keep the dust levels down on & around my consoles.

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i always keep my consoles covered when not in use, and once a week i dust around them and wipe them down with a soft cloth, if i see alot of dust around the fans in the back or vents i do use a mini vaccum on it but not too close to do any damage. I have done this for years and my consoles have long lifespans. I just wish i could easily take them apart to clean the insides as well.

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I'm gona crack it open and void the warrantee just to clean it. It worked fine for my PC, a console should be no problem right ?

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Ok, thanks everyone :D

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@thegamingjunkie said:

@robdacool: @aroxx_ab: do you just 'dust' or 'wipe' (dry) the dust off the surface of the ps4? Or do u use a wet cloth to clean the top as well?

Wet rag/cloth with warm water, squeeze out as much water i can then clean top and around the console.

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i dust mine everyday

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Covering the console when not in use will not have much of an effect, it is while you are playing that the overwhelming majority of dust gets in as the fan is drawing air (and dust) from outside the console to cool the components. Best bet is compressed air directly onto the fan area which means a minor disassemble of the console in order to expose the fan and let all the dust out of the system.

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I wouldn't worry about it unless you're in an environment where there's smoking. The biggest buildup of dust is accumulating in parts of your console that you probably can't access or clean without voiding your warranty.

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