iOS Game Monument Valley on PS Vita

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The dev team, Ustwo, said in a recent interview that they might bring Monument Valley to PS Vita.

Would you buy it?

”We’re looking at getting it on the PS Vita, and a lot of people ask about a PC version, but we’re portrait and touchscreen, so it’s not easy. We could do it, but it would be a bit crap.”

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Love the art style and the music. I'd be willing to give it a look on Vita.

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@Lhomity said:

Love the art style and the music. I'd be willing to give it a look on Vita.

Yay for the art style!

As I heard, the team worked with Sony before. Their idea to bring the game to Vita will probably become a reality.

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i have a retina display ipad and haven't bought the game for 3.99 so i don't know if i'd buy it on vita. looks pretty tho

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I'd certainly rebuy it for Vita - assuming it's made available for $5 or less.

Already beat it on my iPad and consider it one of the best games to have been released this year (to this point). Very charming - basically a prettier, more satisfying version of Echochrome.

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Looks right up my alley that does. Lovely visuals and the music is superb. I'd happily throw £10 at that for sure. Gonna need a bigger memory card for my Vita though. My back log is getting a bit ridiculous.

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Looks interesting, if it was sold at the right price I would be interested (i.e. if they try to charge 20 pounds or more then I think it will struggle outside of sales for 75% off etc).