inFAMOUS: Second Son Cool Collector's Edition

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So who's getting the collector's edition of the game? I like how creative they are on making the cover of the game the actual jacket.

inFamous Collector's Edition

Price seems pretty steep for me, but I bet you lucky folks in the states are getting this for only $80 or something.

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Lovely badges.

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Well, I'm in America and our CE is similar, but I'm just getting the standard version. I like the Infamous franchise, but I'm not a big enough fan to get the collector's package.

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Yeah to be honest I just want the standard version of the game BUT my little brother insists on getting the special edition (comes with an infamous themed beanie and bonus mission, plus it's cheaper than the collector's edition). Hey if he's paying I'm not complaining.

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I'll just be sure to grab the Limited Edition for this game. The "bonus" DLC seems kind of important, which is BS, but it comes with the Limited Edition and hopefully that will be easy to get even after the game comes out.

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I would have gotten it if it wasn't sold out everywhere where i live.So i am going with the special edition.

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got the CE preordered

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I am just getting the regular edition which is the limited edition from Gamestop.

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I never purchase collector editions of games personally I find it pointless. I would look at it once and if it came with a figurine it would just collect dust on my desk.