Impossible Ni No Kuni:Wrath of the White Witch Quest

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Hey guys, So I've been searching around to see if others were having the same issue as me with this quest in Ni No Kuni. The quest is in Yule given by Derwin to capture the 3 monsters (Ice Queen, Lotus Bubbud, and Sasquash). I caught Ice Queen and Sasquash in about an hour, which is no big deal, but I am thoroughly convinced that Lotus Bubbud is not a tameable monster. I farmed Lotus Bubbud for 6 hours (they are uncommon, but I run into one every 30 seconds to 1 minute). After failing to tame him, I continued on and got enough stamps for the Jack of Trades passive (which gives a 20% increase to capture rate). Now I don't know if that is a flat 20% increase across the board or a 20% increase to the monster capture rate; but regardless with that passive I farmed Lotus Bubbud for another 2 hours with no success. Is anyone else having trouble with this quest? I spent 8 hours trying to farm one thing and I still did not catch it. I'm convinced Lotus Bubbuds are not tameable, or the RNG gods seek to torture me with near impossible odds. Thoughts? Any tips are appreciated. P.S- I also went to Ding Dong Well to try and capture the first one there, no success with that either, tried farming it for about an hour (they are much easier to come across in the Well, I'm assuming their catch rate is ludicrously low too). Thanks
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i completed that quest all in the yule-cavern area. it's just a matter of luck. the witch-looking-familiar in the ice caverns took me forever to catch.
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I finished this quest too. I found the lotus bubbuds near the shore where you park your boat. I think they have to be bubbuds from this region right? I think the ones in the yule area are different than the ding dong dell ones... some kind of ice version maybe. Also, I'm pretty sure you have to get the ice queen from inside the grotto or he won't accept her, the others won't matter. Sorry you're having such a rough time with it.... I know I tamed one within ten tries, dunno if I was lucky or not.