If you had to get only 1 game for PS4 which one?

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#1 Posted by enriK233 (543 posts) -

Which one would offer more entartainment or value/fun for the money?


I'm thinking of KZ SF or BF4 right now and have my eye on NFS as well but ti isn't that important.

BF4 mp is better but has issues and KZ has better SP but MP isn't up to par with BF4 but still good.

I never played a KZ game before.

Which is more popular online?

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Popularity wise I assume it would be BF4 but they both just came out so I doubt you'll see any game with half empty lobbies anytime soon. KZ is a lot of fun but the campaign is kind of mediocre its not bad but Im not too interested in it. Im also not sure how I feel with almost everything being unlocked and no level up system in KZ. Sure you can upgrade your abilities and whatnot but still its odd. I would choose BF4 overall but that also depends on how long they take to patch bf4 because it has a lot of issues.

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Of the launch titles, I'd go with Killzone. it's a decent franchise and I think it's a good idea to start with an exclusive.

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Neither they both buggy im about to play AC4 until they patch its annoying to keep losing progress

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I have most of the launch titles.

BF4, Killzone SF, Fifa 14, NFS Rivals and AC Black flag.

That said, If I would pick one I would choose BF4 since I plan to invest countless hours into the multiplayer.

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AC4 single player. Will never play a multiplayer game.

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I personally went with Assassin's Creed: Black Flag. I wanted a long single player experience with lots of side missions and optional collectibles. So far, I'm very satisfied. My next purchase is going to be Infamous: Second Son, The Order 1886, Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition and Watch Dogs.

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The two games I bought at launch were Killzone and AC IV. Knowing what I know now I would not have purchased Killzone. I'm just not enjoying it. Like, not enjoying it at all. To be fair, though, I only just finished the third chapter so I have a ways to go before it's all over so my feelings on it could change.

I'm enjoying AC IV but, when getting a new system, one certainly hopes to have a better system show off type of game, and while AC IV on PS4 is a nice step up from AC IV on PS3, there's no mistaking it for a PS4 only title (as in it's obvious it was made to work on far less powerful hardware).

At this point AC IV would be what I would recommend. Great game. However, that is coming from someone who doesn't give a crap about online play, so my opinion is based on a single player experience.

EDIT: Just tried playing Killzone again, chapter 4. I damn near hate this game now. I just can't get into it. The controls, the story, the action, the pacing, the level design; I just can't stand it. I would definitely not recommend Killzone: Shadow Fall, at least as far as the single player campaign goes.

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I have to say COD, it will for sure get the most time from me out of my launch lineup (BF, KZ, NBA, NFS).

All of the games i purchased are going to get a lot of my time and are all great games.

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I waited in line in the Walmart that I work at for about 3 hours, and I have my PS4 on layaway until payday at the end of this week. I did buy Killzone Shadow Fall while I was waiting line. The case is a pretty blue color, the artwork is cool, and the blu ray disc is really nice. So far it looks awesome... just can't wait to play it!

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I went with Killzone, had to go with an Exclusive to start.

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I'd nab Assassin's Creed IV and then download all the f2p games for your online fixes.

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Need for Speed Rivals is the game that mostly intrigues me.

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Need for Speed series is usually reviewed very harshly but Rivals is doing well. I would go with that (my first next gen game last gen was need for speed most wanted). Killzone looks cool if the price ever drops ugh no more shooters for me

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Buy a year of PS+ instead....way more than just one game.

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I would have to say tomb raider 2

#17 Posted by JustPlainLucas (73582 posts) -

Well... don't get Knack, that's for sure. What a waste of potential.

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I've got both Killzone and Battlefield on launch day. Loving the MP in Killzone. Can't play conquest on Battlefield which is very disheartening right now. Really intrigued by Need For Speed Rivals though.

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From what I have seen I would say that KZSF has better environments and gameplay is usually pretty good with Killzone games.

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'Watchdogs' was the game that made me want a NG console, but since it was delayed, I picked up Madden 25 instead and am loving it. Trying to decide what my next purchase will be.

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Killzone Shadowfall. SImply amazing and I prefer it over CoD or Battlefield anyday.

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Killzone definitely for the time being. If Battlefield 4 was up and running well then I would get that.

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I got KZ:SF

Best decision I ever made :)

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Definitely Killzone. Then again, I'm a big fan of the series, so I'm biased. But as far as I'm concerned, get an exclusive. BF4 will be $5 for PC in a year or two.

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The KZ multiplayer is really great. You will enjoy it a lot.

The single player is also really good imo.

I would get KZ just because that's your next gen experience right there.

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As a big fan of KZ I'd say that. The MP seems to be focused a lot on skill this time with all the weapons being available from the beginning, which kind of reminds me of Halo.

BF4 also looks good but if you've played BF3 this doesn't look to be all that different, but the added player count seems like it can be add a lot, especially with the size of the maps.

Though, if I had to get one game it would be AC4, there just looks to be so much to do in the game that it;ll keep me busy for a while while providing a lot of fun along the way.