If You Could Revive One Dead Playstation Franchise...

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#51 Posted by Z-Fatalis (1122 posts) -
Dark Cloud Legacy of Kain Onimusha Tenchu Crash Bandicoot
#52 Posted by LP4EVA2005 (8585 posts) -
Ape escape and bust a groove
#53 Posted by Z-Fatalis (1122 posts) -
Ape escape and bust a grooveLP4EVA2005
Oh yh you just reminded me Rival Schools too I loved that game, I think I still have it somewhere.
#54 Posted by InstantKlassick (1123 posts) -

Tomba! :P

#55 Posted by bezza2011 (2308 posts) -

people who are saying jak and dexter and crash, it's naughty dog thats what they do, crash had 3 outings, so did jak, and so did uncharted it's how they do things, the problem is if you re do them now they may not be as good and they don't want to risk that it's there legacy as game designers, these games have stood the test of time, there better staying the way they are than bringing them back and getting it wrong.

but tenchu is a good shout tho this gen is made for a game like that and syphon filter.

#56 Posted by Sophette (508 posts) -
I definitely want to see Tecmo's Deception series continue. Also Psi Ops, I felt cheated by that ending!
#57 Posted by ReviewerDrake (766 posts) -

Jak and Crash but only if Naughty Dog takes the wheel.

#58 Posted by Liquid_ (2353 posts) -

Legend of Legaia from the PS1

I would absolutely love to see that on current hardware. I would even be happy with a remake of it. Legaia 2 was alright, but the first one was something special.

Hell yea
#59 Posted by doesntcare (1219 posts) -

Jet Moto, Colony Wars, A new bushido blade and timesplitters would be great!

Also someone mentioned Gauntlent, I would love a Dark Legacy with online support, also a Champions of Norrath

#60 Posted by MeRc_10 (41 posts) -

Evil Zone and wild arms

#61 Posted by Jehuty08 (1951 posts) -

would like to see another Breath of Fire

#62 Posted by Auron_X2099 (3370 posts) -

It would be Syphon Filter.

#63 Posted by Vickman178 (1035 posts) -

LEGEND OF DRAGOOOOOOOOON. Honeslt blew my mind when I first played it and I still love it its awesome.

#64 Posted by hiryu3 (7304 posts) -
#65 Posted by Pandora012 (206 posts) -

Legend of Dragoon


Parasite Eve - Birthday does not count for me.



#66 Posted by ristactionjakso (5666 posts) -


#67 Posted by ThePerro (3103 posts) -

Battle Arena Toshinden

#68 Posted by Subtle_Ninja_X (35 posts) -

Hmm, I would want a new MediEvil probably.

Great game and they need to make a new one
#69 Posted by Jehuty08 (1951 posts) -

Parasite Eve - Birthday does not count for me.


just so long as it takes after the first and not the second, count me in :D

#70 Posted by megam (457 posts) -
Brave Fencer Musashi Jade Cocoon Megaman X
#71 Posted by 0Hamburgher (957 posts) -
Syphon Filter, Tenchu, Medievil- oh wait, only one. More than anything I want another Medievil, A sequel and a remake for the psp aren't enough for me.
#72 Posted by PresidentLogan (245 posts) -

The Getaway. !!!

One of the big reasons I waited for the Playstaion over the Xbox360 was the demo they showed of the Getaway PS3 which I was gutted about when it got shelved.

I really reaaly want/need this to at least be on the PS4.

#73 Posted by The_Last_Ride (69747 posts) -
Tenchu or perhaps a remake of FFX