If I buy a digital game on PS Vita will I be able to download and use on console

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So, I've wanted to buy a Vita for a long time but I doubt I will buy many physical versions of the games because I am at the stage now where the idea of buying yet more boxes to put on the shelves in my house makes me want to be sick.

Though some of the games I've seen on Vita look cool, there are plenty of older PS1 games that you can download on PS Vita which I will buy many many of no doubt but can you also then at some later time download that game onto your console? Or is the purchase you make locked to the device you specify when you buy the game?

That would really sweeten the deal of buying a PS Vita in that any games I buy now can potentially be used on my PS4 or whatever if I buy one later, if the game is compatable on the new system of course.

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Any PS1 game or mini you buy will be available to play on a Vita, PSP, or PS3 device with the same account (provided it's compatible on the Vita). However, no PSN games have been told to transfer yet to the PS4 from prior consoles.
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Any PS1 classics(some still need to be updated for Vita though), minis, and some PSN games can be played on Ps3, PSP, and Vita with a single purchase. Not sure if PS1 classics/minis will be playable on PS4 or not. PS3 games won't be until the Gakai stuff is on board(and details on how that will work haven't been given yet).