I've survived through the Far Cry 3 single player campaign!

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I know, it's a tad silly to shout out like that, but I just wanted to. = ) It's a f-ing hard game. By the way, Vaas is so cool.

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The game was a joke even on the hardest difficulty setting. Still an awesome game though. Congrats.

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I didn't think it was that difficult, a great game though.

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Great game, hope you enjoyed it!

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@Lord_of_Terrans said:

Great game, hope you enjoyed it!


Yes, it's a great game, but not flawless, unfortunately.

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Best game of 2012 IMO. I loved that game.

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I played in normal and found it to be a breeze (because i stealth killed A LOT) But when you go Rambo into a big camp, sh!t can get crazy. My personal gripe with the game was the ability to get caught on fire 90% of the time when you used the flamethrower. Really ruined the weapon for me.

My GOTY last year tho. Great game. If you liked it, then you should buy Blood Dragon.