I think PS+ has taken a step back.

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I am a fan of PS+ and I got some awesome discounts and a lot of instant games. For the past couple months, I have been disappointed. In the past, you would sometimes get 2 AAA PS3 games in a month. If not, you would get some awesome deals for like $5 a game. I think I got like 7 games for like $40 and these were top notch games just in ONE WEEK. I know those awesome deals were around halloween, black friday and x-mas but there were other great discount weeks (flash sale).

Now? PS+ has been pretty disappointing for a couple reasons.

1. Remember the advertisement about 18 instant games available? That is gone. Now, it is just a handful of games that are available as instant games. Just a couple ps3, ps4 and vita games. Sony is trying to balance it out their instant games. I don't have a ps4 or vita so I have to wait a long time to get a ps3 game that I want to download. The overall quality and quantity of PS3 as instant games has declined. I guess that is expected with the arrival of the PS4.

2. Discounts? The mid June discount was pretty good with Twisted Metal and Playstation all-star battle royale were only $5 but the great discounts are far fewer lately. The last time I purchased discounted games were during the need for speed sale and that was long time ago. Sometimes Sony would give a good discount for a certain game and then a month later, they would offer that very same game as an instant game.... Double dipping! Or they would offer it as a instant game and then next month, they would give it as a discount. I have it as an instant game so it isn't possible for me to purchase it now. I am bothered more about the discounts than the instant games.

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I dont share the sentiment, discounts are still flowing nice and I own a ps4 vita, and ps3 so it works out great for me i can see how thats annoying though i wouldnt say its going down hill though your just missing assets to fully appreciate it

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im hearing lot about a vita/ps4 bundle. If the price is right, i may get that. With my ps3 game collection, im at the point where it is about the ps3 discounts. I wont be getting a ps4 anytime soon unless i see great black friday sale.

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I share the same sentiment. With the announcement of PS+ being required for online play, making it more of an essential service now and subsequently meaning people are gently forced to subscribe or your gameplay options are severely limited, Sony no longer has to offer great games to try and convince people to upgrade to the service. Instead they now hold a gun to your head and give you whatever shit they want, and force you to smile about it.

Pretty much a dick move on Sony's part imo. A big "Fuck You" to long time subscribers, "Thanks for your support over the years but now we are gonna screw you like a little bitch...cos we can".


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If anything, the value has increased. Instead of getting five games a month, we are now getting six. Yes, there were eighteen games up on PS Plus before, but only about five of those titles changed from month to month. Does Sony really need to put games up on a year round basis. It sounds cool at first, but think about it. Those who ignore the year round titles the first month will most likely not be interested in these titles eleven months later, so why should Sony keep them up on the store. People have one month to grab six titles. Even if you do not have all three PS systems, you can still put the titles in your download list until you own the platform that you are missing. PS plus members now will be getting seventy two games a year. I like this new way. I was against this new plan at first, but this is actually better.

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I have no issues with PS+. You get good games for free. No you won't get the game you want every month..but this isn't Burger King...you don't always get it your way.

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As I mentioned somewhere else, I think this is most detrimental to newcomers. Before, newcomers had a fairly sizable catalog of games to look forward to (assuming we're just looking at PS3) with at least a few games being big titles like Uncharted 3 or something, the ones that stayed there for a long time. But now it's just 2 games, only 1 of which might be a full retail game.

So I don't know if the service has been dumbed down or anything. The free game offerings on the PS4 aren't going to be that great for quite a while obviously, and there's not many PS3 or Vita games left I want to play, so I'm afraid PS+ won't be as valuable to me in the future. But hopefully there will still be plenty of good discounts to take advantage of...

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I have been a PS+ subscriber for like 2 years now but I think that I will let my yearly subscription end. I have 58 disc games, 46 digital games (majority of them I got during a great PS+ sale) and 20 instant games. It has been a long time since I purchased discounted games so I am not seeing the value in it as I used to. I am not really into internet play so it really doesn't matter to me. If I had a PS4 as well, I may think differently but as just a PS3 owner, I have been pretty disappointed for the past few months.

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I can't really argue there's been a step back for PS3 only owners. But well with new hardware of course Sony is spreading it around.

I really don't agree with the lack of discounts though. There have been quite a few good sales this year. I would keep my PS+ for the discounts, cloud storage, and automatic updates myself. I consider the "free" games more of a bonus.

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@BH14: It's solid as always, it can't be equally good each month. Also remember that we are in a transition over to a new generation. They are now giving out two PS4 games each month. Dead Space 3 is not a bad game, next month will be good

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I get to played games I wouldnt have bought... ended up enjoying them. So yeah, its worth it. Plus I am basically using 2 PS+ - Asia and US accounts, cuz one is my cousin's. So more games for me. lol

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PSN+ is required to play online now so they don't need to offer you anything.

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@Shielder7 said:

PSN+ is required to play online now so they don't need to offer you anything.

PS+ is required to play online for PS4. I am PS3 gamer and I believe online is still free. I don't play online so the PS+ best features are still the discounts and instant games to me. I wouldn't say "Sony don't need to offer gamers anything" because there are plenty of people who only play single player games.

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I can't complain. I have NBA 2N13 for free and I'm about to download Strider 2 and Vessel on my PS4. They do have some nice discounts as well and a pretty good trial service where you can play a full retail or Indie game for an hour or so for free. I've been a PS+ member since Nov of last year. Lucky for me I threw in a 1.5TB HDD into my PS4 right after I bought it, so I have a ton of memory for games right now.

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It's pretty lame right now. I'm getting sick of the indie games for PS4 month after month.

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It's pretty lame right now. I'm getting sick of the indie games for PS4 month after month.

True, but expected considering the age of the platforms. I suspected that we'll start seeing launch retail titles eventually by the year's end, which I said a few years back...lucky you don't own an Xbone though. As a dual owner of both the PS4/Xbone, the Xbone got nothing for six months with Games with Gold and just barely started getting indie free Games with Gold games starting last month (12 PS+ games for PS4 so far, and 3 for GwG in comparison). I guess just having experienced that deliberate GwG drought on the other platform I learned to appreciate the PS+ service more now than I might have if I was only a PS4 owner.

Another thing to consider is PS+ didn't start when the PS3 was new, but years later. It's tough with a new platform as there aren't a lot of games out yet and publishers want to make the most money they can for their games before putting their games on Sony's PS+ service.

Then this month's GwG, we get just one game instead of two (Guacamelee and a repeat from last month). Compared to the PS4s offering of Doki Doki Universe, Strider, and Towerfall. The grass isn't greener on the other side at this point Sony is leading the games "free" service charge believe it or not with PS+.