I can't find my games I downloaded! HELP!!

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Sorry i'm a newbie and i'm sure this will only take you guys 5 seconds. Ok Yes i did register on the PSN network and i did download games. I downloaded 3 of them

Marvel vs Capcom 2, Final Fantasy VII, and TMNT reshelled.

I'm having problems finding where my games are after i downloaded them. Whats weird is, MVC2 and TMNT took only 1 minute to download while FF7 took an hour. BUT i see FF7 in my games section and i can play it, for some reason i can't find where MVC2 and TMNT is?

I don't understand? Did i miss a step? It says its installed but yet i can't find it. What did i do wrong? I can't find where my MVC2 and TMNT is? Please help!! Yes i did purchase it because i have the purchase confirmation email from them. What did i do wrong? I know i did something wrong because i dont see where my games are?? PLEASE HELP!! Thanks!

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If anything go back to the Playstation Store, go to your download list and download it again.

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After you download the game isn't it suppose to pop up in your games section? I don't get it!! I dont' reallly want to download it again and get charge double. I mean i downloaded TMNT and it says purchased and installed but yet i don't see it.

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They are NOT going to charge you double. Who told you that? Once you've bought a game from PSn you can re download it up to 5 times or something. I'd say give it a try.

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No one told me that its just i'm scared to do it thats all. U know, maybe its bcuz i didn't download the demo version. For MVC2 it says full version and demo. I clicked on the full thinking that's what i want however its only like 6 kb and the demo is larger file so let me try that.

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So you're saying you payed for the demo? :?

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You purchased the games, but unfortunately the only thing you managed to download was their "full-game" activation... yeah i know, it is a little weird, but you have to download the demo first and then activate the full game... well, you don't HAVE to do it in that order (you can do it in the one you did) but i would strongly recommend trying the demo first before buying any game; logical enough?... so don't worry; just go and download those demos from the PSN store and you will already have the 2 games fully unlocked.

Oh and the reason as to why the same problem didn't occur when you downloaded FF7 is because it's a ps1 classic and not a PSN game/demo.

And considering we're on the downloading subject, here's a helpful tip if you ever need to re-download something but don't feel like looking through the PSN store: simply go to "account management" (which you can find under the play station network symbol on the XMB), then select "transaction management" and there you will find the "download list" option. click that and you should see ALL of the PSN downloads you've made using you current account... and on your CURRENT PS3 , you may re-download any game an unlimited amount of times...there's cap only if you switch the actual hardware (i don't remember the actual limit, so you'll have to ask if this is something you're concerned about; although i doubt you'll be going through many PS3s...)

hope that helps

(eddited to add alittle extra)

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Thanks guys that helped. I downloaded the demo and it worked. I was confused on why i had to do it like that cuz i thought demo is a demo and full version is a full version. But yeah it works. Ok next question i have.

How in the hell do I EXIT A GAME and return to the main HOME screen?? Whenever i'm playing a game I downloaded or whatever or even on PS Home i dont' know how to quit a game and return to the HOME Menu screen.

How do i do that?

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Press and hold the PS button.