How to hook up Guitar hero world tour

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#1 Posted by jim2386 (141 posts) -
Hey guys, I've got the 2USB port ps3 and I'm getting guitar hero world tour. I know my one guitar needs a USB port for the receiver. The second guitar is going to need one too. Where does the USB mic go? What kind of connection does the drum set have? Do I need a USB hub or something? Thanks Jim
#2 Posted by The_Rick_14 (9945 posts) -
The guitar USB dongle also has two additional usb ports on it. Shouldn't need anything.
#3 Posted by jim2386 (141 posts) -
I am using one of the GH3 guitars. If I can get the newest version of the GH:WT guitar with the touch pad, is that the one with the double USB plug on the receiver? Thanks
#4 Posted by The_Rick_14 (9945 posts) -
That is correct. It is a dongle much like the GH3 guitar, but instead of being pick shaped its rectangular and has two usb ports on it. I know it comes with the full band kit, probably comes with the guitar kit as well.