how much will i get if i traded psp on gamestop?

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how much will i get if i traded psp on gamestop????
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it seems like 14 of the threads "how much could I get this at gamestop" are posted every day and the answer is always the same. you should call your local gamestop or used games emporium and ask they will tell you the exact number. thanks.

now somebody please lock this thread.

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they'll only give you a small price (rip-off), sell it on ebay - u will get a lot of extra cash if you do.
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Jeez sometimes I wonder if you people have brains, theres been so many of these topics. How should we know how much money you'll get. Why dont you use your common sense and give them a call.
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If you want the most money Ebay it and shaddap
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how about you just go to gamespot and see for yourself...gosh it seems like you have to be the brains for other people :/
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$65 store credit.

Even less cash.

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probably less than 65 bucks