How much are you spending on gaming this week?

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Posted by Tubatica (161 posts) 10 months, 8 days ago

Poll: How much are you spending on gaming this week? (44 votes)

$0 41%
$399.00 (PS4 only) 0%
$400-$500 18%
$500-$600 34%
You don't wanna know (getting new TV or other items to help usher in the PS4's arrival) 7%

Just curious what the damage will be for everyone else. I was originally just going to get a PS4 and play Drive Club for a while, but with that being postponed and all these good deals popping up on games I'm going to end up getting Knack, BF4, and Assassin's Creed. How bout you?

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Probably around 500-600.

I have exactly 400 owing on the ps4. Plus im getting at least 4 games and one might be free from one of the buy 2 get 1 free deal.

But I have put the money away since june-july. So this won't effect my bank account.

#2 Posted by navigata (7618 posts) -

BF4 + PS4 + CoD Ghosts Hardened (already bought) = 579 before taxes. Will need PS+ and probably another game or something as well.

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I will be picking up the PS4 system for sure and probably killzone if it's not sold out.

#4 Posted by GTR12 (9201 posts) -

$0, its not out here

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my ps4 was paid off back in august and I already paid off/picked up my games so I wont be spending anything unless I decide to pick up another game to go along with assassins creed 4, killlzone: shadow fall, and cod:ghosts

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Being in Australia I'll have to wait until the 29th, but pretending we're talking about that week I'm looking at roughly $600.

Pretty good actually! Just discovered I have 2 gift vouchers at home, 1 which is enough to get me fifa 14 and a ps plus card, and 1 which is enough to get me an extra controller.

Considering I've already put a $50 deposit on the console and a $10 deposit on Killzone SF, I'm looking at spending just $590 cash on launch day for:

- Console

- Killzone SF

- FIFA 14

- Extra Controller

- Ps plus card

That would cost me $910 normally so I'm cheering!

#7 Posted by CTR360 (6980 posts) -

0 euros for me i buy next console next spring probably

#8 Posted by AutoPilotOn (8203 posts) -

Well I have bf4 ghost paid for. Extra ds4 already bought. I owe 80 on ps4 and might do buy 2 get 1 at target so 200 this week.

#9 Posted by dipdish (863 posts) -

None. = )

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Killzone, Knack, BF4 and possibly FIFA. Might do the buy two get one deal going on at one of these retailers.

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PS4: 400
Killzone: 10 (had a giftcard)
AC4: 60
Ghosts: 0 (buy 2 get 1 at Amazon)

So 470 out of pocket. Not too shabby.

#12 Posted by cmat35 (89 posts) -

$200 left to pay on the PS4

Target buy 2 get 1 free = $120

Amazon buy 2 get 1 free = $120

Total = $440

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Close to $500, I'm getting the PS4(delivered) and the special that target is having this week!

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I already Have Killzone. I am picking Assassin's Creed 4 up tomorrow and I already payed off my PS4. A Grand total of $498.

I payed only $7 for Killzone Shadow Fall

I payed $64 for Assassin's Creed 4

I payed $426 for the Playstation 4

Tax included.

#15 Posted by Telekill (4394 posts) -

PS4, two games, camera and extended warranty equal to $630 plus tax.

#16 Posted by ghstbstr (8790 posts) -

If I can get a PS4 this week since I didn't pre order, and I will spend about $456.51(with tax and my discount) for a PS4 and Killzone Shadow Fall and the $10 upgrade of Assassin's Creed Black Flag from PS3 to PS4. If I can't get a PS4 I will then try to get an Xbox One, again since I didn't pre order I will spend about $543.81(with tax and my discount) for an Xbox One and Dead Rising 3.

#17 Posted by ankor77 (940 posts) -

Well Ill bundle in next week too for the xbone. So:

Consoles: $990 after tax

Games: 3 games for PS4(1free from target) and PS Plus so 170ish. 5 games for xbox1 and I dont think there will be a buy2 get 1 so 300ish there. I already renewed live a month ago.

Wow, about $1400. I am dumb and impulsive. I even just bought a new entertainment center for more space with 55inch tv, games, etc. That set me back 1600 as well....

#18 Posted by Minishdriveby (9738 posts) -

Not sure, I'm thinking of buying The Last of Us now that I can find it at $30, but I'm saying fuck next gen at the moment.

#19 Posted by death4us2 (14 posts) -

I preordered my games and completely paid them off in advance so I don't gotta spend anything on them XD

#20 Posted by insanegame377 (332 posts) -

Absolutely nothing. PS4 isn't out over here until the 29th, and I don't plan on getting one for at least a year.

#21 Posted by GhettoBlastin92 (1148 posts) -

Ps4 with KZ SF, DS4 controller, BF4 and AC4= 640 bucks.

#22 Posted by shaunchgo (4605 posts) -

PS4 paid in full. I'm going to Target in the morning to hopefully pick up FIFA 14, Killzone and NBA 2K14.

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PS4 won't be out here, so nothing

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Over $1600 :(. New TV, PS4, 3 games (1 free) 1 extra controller and faster HDMI cable for new TV.

edit: Why do I see people mentioning they paid their console off in full, so it means they are paying nothing? I guess they really are not paying for it, rather someone else is.

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Eeek, about $750 with tax included.

Amazon has sent me everything early, but the PS4 itself. So for the next four days, I'm limited to staring at the boxes, and playing with a controller that doesn't actually control.

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I'm not spending any money this week on gaming. Next purchase will be two games on the 22nd of November though. Which is two more games than the PS4 launch has. The earliest I see myself getting the new console is in February for inFAMOUS

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@nickscho said:

Eeek, about $750 with tax included.

Amazon has sent me everything early, but the PS4 itself. So for the next four days, I'm limited to staring at the boxes, and playing with a controller that doesn't actually control.

Plug it into a PC to make sure it works.

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I've spent $718.00 to usher in the 8th Generation. That is for the PS4 and games.

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Not out here in the UK till 29th but over december i'll be looking to be spending about £769 (US $1224)

Extra Controller
4gamer official headset
Fifa 14
NBA 2K14
Killzone Shadow Fall

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$901 to finish paying off my 2 PS4s and games.

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I spent about $52 on gaming this week. I just had to pay off my second PS4 controller. My PS4 and the game I pre-ordered have been paid off.

In other news, I was able to pick up both my controller and Knack last night! So now on late Thursday, all that remains to be gotten is the console itself.

Please don't YLOD or something.

#32 Posted by chiro4life06 (26 posts) -

Too much! PS4, Knack, AC4, NBA2K14, Killzone.

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$0. I actually found another place to get games for free in my city. So I just saved myself $$$. Will put that towards my PS4 fund to be redeemed in '16.

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Around $950

PS4, Extra controller, PsEye, BF4, Knack, Killzone, Fifa, Madden, NFS and I will also need PS+ since Im coming over from the dark side

#35 Posted by gracideadude012 (921 posts) -

I've been saving all year long for this week! I'm gonna spend money like crazy for the first time in my life :P

Gonna get the PS4 and 2 games as a birthday gift, and I'll use my own money to buy the rest from this list:

-Assassin's Creed IV

-Battlefield 4

-Call of Duty Ghosts


-Killzone Shadow Fall

-Lego Marvel

-Need for Speed Rivals


-NBA2K 2014 (Target deal)

-PS Camera

I can't wait 'till Friday!=)