How long does it take to charge a new PSP battery?

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I think I need to fully charge the battery before using it, how long will it take?


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2-3 hours.
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90 minutes with a new battery charger

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thanks! after I inserted the battery into the machine, I accidentally switched it on and there's in fact some battery left. I had to make some initial setting and then switched it off, started charging. Do you think it'd shorten the battery life as I switched it on before charging it?

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It takes rather long IMHO. Bout an hour.
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lol wow you are really careful about your battery. i remember when i unpacked my psp for the first time, i was like screw it i am not going to wait for my battery to charge to full like it said in the instructions. so what i did was put the charger on and played GoW and what a blast i had that night.... i think my battery is doing still fine and its been 10 months already.

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Mine Takes At Least An Hour I Think, But That's When The PSP Is Off, Not Sleeping, Though If It's Sleeping, Somewhere Around 2 Or Less, I Guess. Hey, That Rimes :D