How is DS4 audio jack?

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Have anyone used it with headphones for ingame audio? Im interested to know if the jack is of crappy quality (hear static for example) or good enough for audiophile headphones?

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No one has or used headphones with their dualshock 4 or what's poppin'???

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Im not looking for a pair of headphones, im using Sennheiser HD558's and don't want crappy gaming headphones. I just wanna know if plugging your headphones into the Dualshock 4's audio Jack is worth it or the Jack is as bad as on TV's.

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I wouldn't expect superb sound quality from it. It has to deal with sending that sound data wirelessly to the controller and then outputting it through only the 3.5mm jack.

That's not to say it will be heavy with static, but I think true audiophiles won't be content with it.