how do i transfer game saves from my usb drive to my PS3 HDD??

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#1 Posted by FendersONLY (1110 posts) -
I have the data on the USB Flash Drive, but it says "There is no saved data", when i access it with my PS3. Do I need to have the folder named something specific for it to show up??
#2 Posted by BigKayDaddy (275 posts) -
You have to press the triangle button when you highlight the USB stick, then go to "Display All".
#3 Posted by FendersONLY (1110 posts) -
it wont let me do that within the "Saved Data Utility" folder...
#4 Posted by T-Machine99 (1848 posts) -

You have to label the folder right. For Example themes is PS3-->THEME. So you have to put the Svae-game filees in a folder called "SAVED DATA UTILITY" in the PS3 folder.So it should look like this PS3-->SAVEDATA-->(GAME FILE). This should work.