How do I buy Manhunt for PSN in Australia?

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I've always wanted to play this game and when I heard Rock Star was releasing it on PSN along with some of their other games, I was filled with joy... Until I logged in with my AUS PSN account and couldn't find any trace of it. Bummer. I've been searching online and some people say you can play it. Just make another account that's UK or US. I did that and made an United States account and saw the game. I went to EB games to get a $10 voucher to buy the game but, oh wait I can only use the code with an Australian account. This is utter bullshit and has me infuriated! How do I effectively buy and download the game in Australia for PSN without wasting my money? I doubt a visa/credit card would work either. There has to be some way around it...

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You usually can't use a debit or Visa card due to mail address issues.

You'll either need to pay a premium to have a US card shipped to you, or have a friend online who you can trust purchase you a card and email you the code.

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You can buy a US PSN voucher on eBay. PSN voucher codes only work in the region they are purchased in.

Here's one:

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Digital Version US $20 PSN code from Play-Asia who are very trustworthy and I have used them many times.