HELP - stuck in GTA V - bug?

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Hoping somebody will be able to help me out with this, or it might just be a bug in the game. I got to the torture mission in GTA V. Once I completed it, everything seemed to slow way down - I don't mean literally, I just mean that no new missions opened up after I finished that one. I had side missions I could do, but none pertaining to the main storyline. I have run around for hours as each character, trying to figure out how to trigger a new mission, but NOTHING. It's driving me nuts and it's forced me to put down the game entirely. Any advice? Is it a glitch?

I even tried replaying the torture mission (something I did NOT want to do), and still nothing. I can't even figure out which mission is supposed to follow this one. I did some of the missions out of order, at least according to a site that lists them all in chronological order. Does that matter?

Please help! Thanks.

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Do a side mission or two and then the story missions will continue. You should have an assassination mission to do for Lester. Probably 'Hotel Assassination'. Do that, and you'll be fine.

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As for the list of missions you asked for, try this: