Help, my PS3 won't read only one of my game discs

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So the other night I was playing Batman: Arkham Asylum when I reached a save point and the little circle save icon started flashing indicating that it was saving my game. Well during that the screen went black and all I could see was the save icon flicker in the corner of the screen. I attempted to quit the game using my controller but I had no control over the system with the controller. I shut off the system at the console. When I restarted and inserted Arkham Asylum back into my PS3 the reading disc icon started up in the upper right corner of the system but after about 30 seconds it stopped and nothing happened. The option to start Arkham Asylum under the Game section didn't even come up. It was like I hadn't even put in a disc. I tried other game discs, DVDs, and blu-ray movies and they all work fine. I deleted all of Arkham Asylum's game data and saved data but still it won't recognize that Arkham Asylum is in the console. I then did a restore to the system defaults and still nothing. Is there something wrong with my PS3 that it can't even read the Arkahm Asylum disc? Or have any of you ever heard of a game disc "going bad" before (I checked the disc and it's clean, no smudges or scratches)? Any help you guys could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. PS: I've played through Arkham Asylum already and was just playing again for fun. I've had this disc since June with no problems. I'm just concerned whether or not this is a problem with my PS3 or the game itself.
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It can be a Blu ray lense failure. Try any other game you have if it will play. If only the Batman AA will not play then the problem is the disk.

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I would say its a failed blu-ray laser diode but he said he can still play Blu-Ray movies which throws that out the window. I've ran into that problem twice now and I had to get another PS3. But first try other PS3 games and see if they work.

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its the disk damage? seems weird that other ps3 games work but not that one.
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If only Batman AA disk that does not play then it is the problem. Possible cause if it doesn't have scratches in it is humidity. Store your games in a box/cabinet with a humidifier in it.

There are some PS3 that has 2 Blu ray lenses specially the newer SKU's. That is why you can still play Blu ray and DVD movies even if you got Blu ray lense failure.

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Dang man, sorry. Call Sony

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At least it still play one game lol :D

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Yeah I tried about 4 other PS3 games and played each about 10 minutes with no problems at all. Does anyone know what the hell could happen to a disc that has no scratches/smudges on it to make it basically useless? Do you know if an electronics store would allow me to try my Arkham Asylum disc on one of their PS3 store models just to see if it's the disc rather than my PS3? I'd really like to try everything possible before I have to box this damn thing up and send it off to Sony.
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i doubt a store would let you test your disk, but maybe you could try renting a copy and load it up and see if it works.
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The best thing you could do is try out your copy at a friend's place and/or rent another copy of the game and see if it works. Sorry to hear about this issue, never heard of it until now.

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i doubt a store would let you test your disk, but maybe you could try renting a copy and load it up and see if it works.marcl18123
this has happened to me twice now with this game, and I've rented it and it hasn't worked on my ps3. but when I bought it afterwards and it didn't work again, Gamestation loaded it up and it didn't work, so any ideas
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Afraid to say it's a ens failure. The same thing is happening to me right now, Only game that works is BBC2 and NHL 11 after half hour of ejecting and putting it back in. It will probably start reading less games as time rolls by if it's anything like how mine died.

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I'm trying to bump this thread as I am having a similar problem. I played a brand new game once last night and in the morning tried to start it up again but the PS3 makes a clicking sound then another sound (almost like its ejecting, without actually doing so) and it won't even show up now. No other blu-rays or games of mine are doing this. I intend to try the disc out on a mates PS3 but haven't been able to yet and wanted some opinions. There is no damage to the disc what so ever.
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Hi, I am having the same problem, I updated my console yesterday, it played fine, I then switched off my console overnight, turned it on again this morning and now it won't read anything, the little clock in the top right corner of the screen moves and then stops, but its like it doesn't realise there is a disc in there, I have done a recovery (check for corrupt files and restore them) but this only worked once and now I am having the same problem again, I really don't want to send my console to Sony, any other ideas?
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the same things happening with me too. i bought a new fifa 12 cd and it wont work, but all other old cds work..
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is this about the compatibility between AA batman and ps3 eye? oh my god i am about to consider buying this AA batman game but now i am worried with this thread. can anyone give an idea about this?

But after i ve read all the comments it comes to me The buddy (who said his PS3 would have possible read less blurays until it ended up dead) might be right.

About the comment about humidity that sounds possible to be a reason but fact is whenever i clean up my discs i exhale at those or i spray cleaning liquid onto those and wipe out smudges, and it only becomes more clean. if that has something to do with humidity i guess my discs must trouble as well.

and by the way here it costs about 50$ a ps3 eye. can that be a solution for this? have it operated with a brand new eye and just wait?

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I know this thread is like 2 years old going (3) .. lol

Well i got a very similar problem well not the same because it does reall all games including the one i am having problems with. And that game is .. the only and the best ever racing game for PS3. GRAN TURISMO 5 !!

I got it when it released and played it and i really enjoyed it alot. Then i decided to not use the PS3 for a while due to *college**work* so i Factory Restored it. And put it away. this was back in 2011. A year has passed and i went and started it up and got my account back and everything played some old games on it. DD: Orginis, Skyrim, Resistance, Killzone, Uncharted. Etc. They all worked perfectly. *they are all clean and nice and new lol* .. but this one game won't work this time no matter what i do the game i played much more and have loved this 2 years. Well last week i heard about the all new 2013 C7 Corvette being tested exclusively for the first time on GRAN TURISMO 5 on the PS3. So i said heck yeah i want to play it. I installed the patches etc (Disc is Super Clean line New with coating and everything) Then it tells me to do an 8GB Installation .. it won't install no matter how much it takes. For those who know it's a 50Min install .. but it's actually a 1 Hour Install this time because of fixes and patches, but my game won't install WHAT THE Damn hell i WRONG with my game !! I have waited for 6 Hours (how do i know?) cause i left it over night and went to sleep and woke up and it was still half way. I have tried re-installing installing re-intalling installing and nothing. I even did a (again) Full system factory restore. And guess what? NOTHING Again !! My head hurts .. my stomach hurts .. can anyone please please help me. What do i do? The other games work .. it's just this game that won't work .. could it be true? Can a disc get what can i say .. i guess damaged but without any type of sign of it on the disc? Please help. I was thinking of buying the New version XL but i have to be sure? Is it the disc?