HELP! My PS3 won't play the games.

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#51 Posted by sammyspaztic (1 posts) -
My ps3 is reading normal dvds but not the games so im guessing the blu-rays fried however its 2nd hand and the warrants run out... is there anything i can do?
#52 Posted by countykiller650 (1 posts) -
it happened to me. barely right now what do i do? i was playin assassins creed revelations when it froze. then i put brotherhood and all i see is a black screen what do i do? -Countykiller650 / PSN countykiller123
#53 Posted by WilliamRichie24 (1 posts) -
Hi this is Richie24 my ps3 won't paly NBA2012 my ps3 will paly ever game and DVD and buleray but it wont paly NBA2012.
#54 Posted by Megavideogamer (5440 posts) -

your PS3 lazer may have diied. If your PS3 is still in warranty Send it to Sony. if out off warrenty get a new one. Out of warrenty PS3 repairs cost $210.78 plus shipping costs (varies)

So your best buying another Playstation 3 for $249.99. I would only pay for an out of warrenty repair for a PS3 60/20/and ist generation 80giger. Since BC enable PS3 are no longer made.

hopfully your in warrenty.

#55 Posted by Geobuzzbee (4 posts) -
Hi i had the same prob with a few games ect call of duty,,First try shutting down your net to the ps3,will the game load up? if yes then its your net settings,,if your using any type of P2P software shut it of then re try your game,I found my bitorrent was the cause of the game not even loading up past the logo screen...Don't forget any P2P will stop some games loading,full stop utorrent inc....Good Luck and hope this helps lots of plp with the same problom,,but if your at uni and someone has a laptop with it on then you can knock every door and ask them to turn it off lmao....