Has server crashing on BF4 been fixed?

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#1 Posted by nejisoul (6 posts) -

I've heard alot of people complaining about the game crashing on them mid-way through online matches. I was wondering if this was still happening or if it had been fixed. Was thinking about buying it but would rather not if the online was still broken.

#2 Posted by Mordant221 (29 posts) -

I haven't had an issue with the MP since day one, but I have really good internet speeds with low latency (Verizon Fios 100mb DL)... some of my other buddy's do not, so they get kicked out of a lot of games and can't even play conquest. I think this game was made for people with a decent connection and low latency, DICE just won't admit it.

#3 Posted by marcheegsr (2962 posts) -

I had issues the first 2-3 weeks with crashes. No crashes since. 40 hours spent online. Great fun.