Has MGS Portable Ops been fixed for Vita for North America yet?

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Does anyone know if North American Vita Owners can play their copies of MGS Portable Ops yet? I know that Sony had allowed the PSP game to be transferred to Vitas for play in Europe but not here in the States. Have they fixed that yet or what? I'm kind of digging having all the games(excluding MGS 4 and the acid games) on one platform and on the go and I'm just looking to add to that with Portable Ops . . .

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Geeesh,why must SONY be so cagey with their releases? Their attempt to keep the PSP relevant is crippling the Vita. Gamers like me, that have clearly already purchased and play the game shouldn't be prevented from re-experiencing the game on the newer platform just because they hope that it might help move the last few PSPs out in the retail-wild. The game is nearly 4 years old for gimey's sake!!! While they're at it, they should unlock the Acid games as well and maybe bundle the 3 games for Metal Gear fans who only own a vita. $19.99 for those 3 games sounds resonable and I bet they would pull in decent sales considering the LACK of new Vita games out there right now!

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Well, Sony can't control the pricing/bundle (that's Konami's job), but I don't know who's responsible for making it Vita compatible. My guess is Sony on that front. And believe me, I'm with you. I do own PO and wish it was on Vita, but the game I'm really irritated that isn't available is Phantasy Star Portable 2. It's rather ridiculous how slow they have been to add games to the Vita's store.
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I brought portable ops thinking it would work for vita =(
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Any news?

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No, I can't even tell you when the last time a PSP game was added to the PSN store for Vita.