Guys...I have a question

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#1 Posted by coldkill19 (1658 posts) -
Are PS2 Headsets compatible with the PS3, if so how do you talk online on RFOM?
#2 Posted by The_Jerm (471 posts) -
yes, and you click in the left thumbstick
#3 Posted by coldkill19 (1658 posts) -
When I plugged it in, I never heard anyone talk. :(
#4 Posted by The_Jerm (471 posts) -
set it up in the XMB here, add me, I'll help you, I will be on tomorrow night, 5:00 EST JermTheElf
#5 Posted by Ryeferd (5198 posts) -

a lot of people (including me) don't have headsets. it's very likely that no one in the game you were playing had a headset

also, feel free to add me. my name's in my sig :wink:

#6 Posted by junk56 (1748 posts) -
i think u have to bring up a menu or something to join a group in the game. Once you join the group, u can only talk to people in the group but its voice activated. Left thumbstick only does global talk.