Guide: How to transfer files from pc to ps3 over a wired or wireless network

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Lets start of with the download Here


How to install Medica Center X on a Mac that is running OS X 

Access your Multimedia files with Media Center X


For security reasons, you must specify which directories you want to allow downloading from. By default, you will only be allowed to download files from your "C:Documents and Settings" directory which includes your "My Documents", "Desktop", "My Videos", etc. folders. If you try to download from any other directory that is not specified you WILL get a Forbidden or 404 error.

To add the directory you want to download from, click the Settings button at the bottom of any of the File Server pages. You should do this on your PC as it will be a lot quicker and not on your PS3.

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I take it this is for transferring files to the linux OS?
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nop its for the ps3 its self not linux its really easy to use
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will try this
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You guys should petition for Sony to add networking capabilities so you can stream music, pictures and videos from your pc from any where in your home.  
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wheres the mac download for this program? i read the tutorial on how to install but wheres the actual program?
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I'm also going to try this as well. This will work for windows, right?
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So, how do we do this? I mean I place the ethernet cord in the ps3 then what? I don't really understand this at all.
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There is also a similar program that lets you download from anywhere on your computer. Its called Vilvic Media Centre.


You can get it here and the very informative manual here



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This thread is score!  Thanks man...

Yes, it actually works.. run the server and then you can browse to the IP address in PS3 web browser 

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Thanks for sharing.
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I'm bumping this.. it is incredibly useful and simplistic to use.. it behaves just like you're downloading from a webpage
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There is also a similar program that lets you download from anywhere on your computer. Its called Vilvic Media Centre.


You can get it here and the very informative manual here




I reccomend Vilvic Media Center too, since I personally use it. More almost everyone, PS3 Media Center X will work fine, 

but if you want to transfer large files, like around a gig, then it'll fail horribly because of a flaw in the way it sends larger files. That

was a big problem for me, since I send large files, mostly HD videos to my PS3. So yeah, Vilvic Media Center is good for those who're

going to send big *** files. 

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hope this comes to use for all you guys cause i was actually going to buy a 4gb memorystick until i found out about this

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Thanks for posting this, I'll have to try it out. I was just thinking yesterday how awesome it would be if I could just transfer music and such from my PC over my wireless.
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Doesn't  movies  have  to  be  in  a  certain  format  (or need to be converted; like the PSP)?
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good post neo:)
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thanks dave im planning some for ISU aswell lol been a long time
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Doesn't  movies  have  to  be  in  a  certain  format  (or need to be converted; like the PSP)?KraigA

Videos need to be converted to MPEG-4 format you can do that using this

hope that helps

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yep, this + Video9 is the perfect combo to save the money for a memory stick
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Awesome programs, thanks. So much for a memory stick!
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More people should know about this

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Well i didn't.

Im also definitely going to try this, i was regretting i bought a 512mb mp3 player before i got my ps3 but this will solve it all.
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SEEMS AWSOME, but i dont get it-___-. i could use some help^^  so first of all, how do i connect the ps3 to the pc, the ps3-enthernet cable? 2nd and what happens next?  3d, the guide said that i only could download from C:\Program Files\Red Kawa\Media Center\software\Music\music etc.  but it also says that the ps3 will have access to "My documents".
And i dont understand how i'll be able to find my pc-files with my ps3?
im kinda noob, so no flame please^^ thanks
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bump, this deserves a sticky
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I've been looking for something like this. Thanks!
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im glad alot of people r finding this helpful
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Cant you just attach the playstation to a computer with a usb cord and then transfer files from the computer?
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not as far as i know
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So if i Download this.. i can Transfer anything mp4 vids,music,programs,backup stuff to my ps3? where will the items go in the games menu or where? and is it safe?
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yes its safe and all you files will go to the section they belong

MP4 will go under Video

MP3 will go under music etc

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ok so what do i do? im slow at this stuff
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Good find TC
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i wonder if they r going to bother making this a sticky