[GUIDE]Fix PS3 error 8002F281 / Cannot access system storage

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The whole problem began like this:-

I have a PS3 Slim 320 GB.I turned on my PS3 system in the morning and it asked me to update to the latest firmware (4.55).I chose to download the update and checked "Automatically shut down after update".I put my TV on sleep.After 30 mins I switched on the TV and there was nothing on the screen but the PS3 system was still on with a green light on power button, blue on blu-ray player and a green Wifi LED.My controller was automatically disconnected and when i pressed the PS button on the controller it didn't connect to the system.I tried pressing , holding the power button on the system but nothing happened. Finally, I had to manually turn off the main socket switch.When I turned on the switch again and pressed the power button, nothing appeared on the TV but the PS3 system was on as usual.I tried to connect the controller but it didn't connect even by using the charging cable.I tried changing my HDMI cable and even tried the AV cable but still no luck.One thing I noted unusual on the system was that the yellow Hard disk light only came up and blinked for 1-2 seconds and then went out with the green light on power button,blue on the blu-ray and green wifi LED still on.It did not even go into recovery mode.There was no beep after holding the power button.It was just frozen.

What all I tried to do to fix it:-

1.Leave the system on for an hour

2.Take out the hard drive and put it back

3.Left the system to cool down for 2 hours

4.Try to turn on with/without a blu-ray disk

But none of the above worked.

I finally removed the PS3's hard drive and put it in my laptop and formatted it using a utility and put it back.Then it said that the PS3 system software needs to be installed.Then I put the PS3>UPDATE>4.55 update firmware file on a usb and tried to restore the system.But it gave me an error saying " A serious error has occurred error code 8002F281 ".I tried to restore it by entering into recovery mode but then while formatting the hard drive I got an error saying "Cannot access system storage".I could not find any fix on the internet other than that.Then I fixed it by following the below steps:-

Things you need:-

1.Active kill disk (link below)

2.A laptop in which you can put your PS3 hard drive

3.A windows bootable cd / dvd / usb drive (I used a windows 7 bootable CD)

4.HDD Regenerator (Optional but recommended)


1.Download Active kill disk software from http://www.killdisk.com/downloadfree.htm . Using it create a bootable pendrive / CD / DVD to format any disk on boot without starting windows.

2.Put the PS3 HDD in your laptop. Yes, you need to physically open the casing of the hard drive of your PS3 and your laptop.Then put the PS3 HDD in your laptop and boot into the Active kill program you created on your pendrive / CD / DVD. Then perform a full format operation of your PS3 hard drive.Then close the program and remove the disk containing Active kill disk software

[Be careful don't format your pendrive! Chose the correct drive to format in the program]

*[Optional(recommended):- You can download a utility called HDD Regenerator and fix bad sectors on your PS3 Hard drive]

3.Put your windows (bootable) cd / dvd / usb drive and install windows on your freshly formatted PS3 hard drive.Yes, you need to install windows on your PS3 hard drive.Do not make any partitions on the PS3 hard drive just install windows on the main partition.After the installation is over, and you have a working windows on your PS3 hard drive, remove the hard drive and put it back on your PS3.

4.Turn on your PS3 system.It will ask you to reinstall the firmware using a USB drive.

[Download the newest update (The newest PS3UPDAT.PUP file from Sony's PlayStation website). Put the PS3UPDAT.PUP file on a USB drive in the file structure PS3\UPDATE\(file goes in this folder)]

5.Follow the steps and PS3 will ask you to format your hard drive.After formatting your software would be installed and boom now you have a working PS3 once again.

It will positively fix your Hard Drive.It happened because the hard drive was corrupt due to some reasons.Don't just go spending money on buying a new hard drive for your PS3 as sony would recommend that.Give the above steps a try.

Symptoms of Hard disk corruption:-

1.Frequent hanging/Lagging of PS3 system while playing games.

2.Loss of files (game data/music/videos etc).

3.Corrupted game data of some games.

If you come across any such symptoms just format your Hard Drive within the PS3 system as soon as possible to avoid the whole process of fixing.

If you need help you can email me at zacefron.efron727@gmail.com

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That's working 100%

I've tried for my ps3 .......