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Poll: GTA5 Now or Later? (5 votes)

Now 80%
Later 20%

Now that some time has passed and you all have digested GTA5 should I buy tomorrow or wait for eventual sale? Also is my 24' gaming monitor going to work for ps3 games? Is GTA5 1080 and 60fps? What kind of HDMI cable should I get or are they just all the same? Same question for headphones do I need $70 headphones or they just all the same?

#1 Posted by Bikouchu35 (7495 posts) -

Make sure it has hdmi for the monitor. Hdmi cables are the same buy em from monoprice.

Gta5 is 720p I think and by the looks of it is about 30fps. Try to find a cheaper copy if possible. I think the heist isn't out yet for gta online, so you may want to wait for that if you are into the online aspect of the game.

Just for the simplicity sake just get something like the ps bluetooth headset. I'd like to recommend you good ones, but they don't connect to the ps3 without something like the "mixamp" that astro offers.

#2 Posted by Blutfahne (275 posts) -

I got the ps3 bluetooth thing that goes in one ear already. Got it back in the day for Skate 2, good times. I was talking more of over the ear headphones for sound because my monitor doesn't have speakers and I am not sure how to get my pc speakers to work with ps3. Yes I'm looking for sale but cheapest I can find is $50.