GTA IV 100% Completion HELP!?

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I am currently trying to achieve 100% Completion on grand theft auto. I cannot figure out what i have not done but i am only at 96.17% and its really starting to piss me off. I'll give you a rundown of what i have done and maybe there is just a little something i have forgotten. Let me know if you have had this problem and figured out how to get past it. Thanks!

* I have completed the main story and all of the procedural missions (ex. drug deliveries, assassinations, car thefts)

* I have delivered all 30 Vehicles for Stevie

* I have beetin atleast one person at the following activities: Pool, Bowling, Darts, and beat the high score on QUB3D or whatever its called

* I have killed all 30 People on the Most Wanted List

* I have done atleast 20 of the Current Crimes on the police computer

* I have found and killed all 200 stupid Pigeons

* I have Completed all 50 Stunt Jumps

* I have Done all activities for friends Brian, Packie, and Little Jacob, and unlocked their special abilities. (Have not done Dwayne since he is not required but am starting to wonderin if i should bring his levels up)

* Random Characters.... I swear i have done all random characters... On my stats screen it says i have met 13 random characters and there are 14 random characters in total, but you do not have to do Jeff, Clarence, Cherise, or Ivan. So i should have that covered right?

Well thank you all for taking the time to read through all of this. Let me know if you can think of something because this is really irritating me especially after i spent all that time finding the stupid pigeons to find out that didnt gain me 100% Completion. Later,


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Have you done the races for Brucie? It looks like you have done everything but let me double check to see what your missing.

Double check to see that you completed every activity with Brucie, Packie, and Little Jacob. Also, make sure you recheck your random people and see if they are all completed. Heres a guide to help you.

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I did some figuring out and I am pretty sure you are missing one random person which is 0.5 percent. Also you are missing two 1.66 percents which are completing all activities with the 3 people or unlocking their special ability. When you add these three scores to your percent of 96.17, you get 99.99 percent or 100 percent. Look at the guide and look at the map to help you locate the random person. Hope this helps.