Get a Playstation 3 now or wait for new stock of PS4's?

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I've been an Xbox 360 owner for a while (no fanboyism, I just bought because it was cheaper at the time and I was strapped for cash), but I currently would like some perspective. I want to get a Sony console. I am a huge fan of both the Persona and The Witcher series. My question is, should I get a PS3, with it's current backlog of great games I can play, and have the console for the Persona 5 release, probably sometime early 2015? Or should I get a PS4, which is getting some great games soon, but 90% of the ones I am interested in are coming to the past gen, besides the Witcher 3?

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Get a PS3.

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Normally I would say wait and get the PS4, but it sounds like there is a lot for you to experience on PS3 first. It really depends on how soon you expect to really want a PS4. If it's soon, then wait. Otherwise, pick up a PS3 and enjoy that backlog.

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Get the $199 ps3 bundle on black Friday with The last of Us and Batman Origins.

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@nblrmt said:

(no fanboyism, I just bought because it was cheaper at the time and I was strapped for cash)

No need to apologize, we've all made poor decisions in the past.

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Check the PS4 lineup, if there is nothing that impress you then go with the PS3!

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@nblrmt: Black Friday PS3 deal for 199 is your best bet. By the time you catch up on all the great PS3 exclusive games you missed the PS4 won't be hard to find and games from early on will cost less. Just know the PS3 UI is very different from the PS4 and the dualshock 3 really sucks once you have the dualshock 4 in your hand.

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The PS3 is the obvious choice here, its cheaper and has a huge catalog of exclusive games you may wana sink your teeth into

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@nblrmt: I actually envy you having the full back-log of PS3 titles just waiting to be played. InFamous, Uncharted, TLOU, Demon's Souls, LBP, Heavy Rain/Beyond, MGS4, Resistance, GOW3, Ni No Kuni and more.

It was great for me when I picked up my 360 after only having a PS3. I loved Alan Wake, GoW, Fable, L4D etc... Don't deny yourself the chance to play some of the greatest games this gen just out of loyalty to a plastic box.

Play all games = gamers
Play only 1 console = fanboy

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My PS3 is now two years old, and I have plenty of games to play. Get a PS3 right away. = )

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The DS3 will be hard to get used to. I'd get some 3rd party controller myself

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PS3 first, it's cheap, it has free online and has more games than the PS4, when more games come out for the PS4, buy it. I never buy a console on release day, i might buy a few games for it in advance incase they are no more later on, but for now, get a PS3. PS3 slim is my choice, but at the end of the day, it's you who's buying it.

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Get the Playstation 3 first catch up on the PS3 games you have missed. You have 7 years worth of games to explore. Then get Playstation 4 as then the game library will be larger and you will be able to find something you like. There are lots of RPG's in addition to Persona on PS3 to catch up on.

PS3 250Giger is only $200.00 with the last of us and Batman Arkham origins. Black Friday is a great time to buy a PS3. Then get Playstation 4 later.

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WE don't know how the Gaikai will be on the PS4, so get the PS3 and you can always get the PS4 when it gets cheaper will getting amazing experiences on PS3 and not missing a thing

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I'm just gonna leave this here.

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Just get both.

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I think the PS3 is something you should have regardless.

You can get a PS3 now and get a PS4 when a game is out you want to play for it.

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I would recommend the PS3 right now. There are so many games to play, you could literally lose yourself for at least a year on the exclusives alone. And by the time you are done, there will be quite a few games on the PS4 you will be interested in. You might even get a PS4 price drop in that time.

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I agree with the majority here...since you're new to the PS family get a PS3 and enjoy all the amazing games you haven't had the chance to play!

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First when I seen this thread title I thought "What is he thinking, Get a PS4!" but then I seen your reasoning and I would get a PS3, you have yet to experience the classic titles on there!