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So I'm getting into all this online play but them ear things are useless and don't even fit in my ears.

So i'm wanting to buy a great gaming headset, i have about £50 ($60) to spend,

I sit to far away from my ps4 to use the usb port so i need to find a headset or someway of hooking it up through the controller.

any suggestions on what type or should i wait it out until they allow blu tooth or any help would be greatful

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@bezza2011: buy pulse elite with vibration like ps4 controller and surround sound. Could have bought it on black Friday for $80. Don't use battery if plugged into controller but Barrett life only knock at 4-6 hrs per play. I think vibration will only work onse Sony allow Bluetooth connect although pulse use the plug in like a Bluetooth

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Unfortunatly you can't get a good setup for what you would like to spend. At the cheapest, you could get a used Turtle Beach DSS and a pair of Superlux 668b's or Samson SR850's and use them with a clip on PC mic. I recommend the Astro Mixamp though which is quite a bit more. Just stay away from gaming headsets if you want any sort of quality.

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@ewalthour said:

@bezza2011: buy pulse elite with vibration like ps4 controller and surround sound. Could have bought it on black Friday for $80. Don't use battery if plugged into controller but Barrett life only knock at 4-6 hrs per play. I think vibration will only work onse Sony allow Bluetooth connect although pulse use the plug in like a Bluetooth

Yea I heard the Pulse is the best, a few v-bloggers and youtube reviews have said this upon the unboxing.

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Pulse is hardly the best. Closed design meaning low fidelity, no soundstage and Virtual Surround Technology far inferior to that of Dolby Headphone.

You are going to get great reviews from youtube bloggers because they are only gamers. Not audio experts. When the only thing they can compare them to is something like the Turtle Beach P11's and PX22's, of course they are going to sound good to them. The speakers however are only worth about $20.

What you want are Studio Reference Headphones. Not "Gaming" headsets you can buy at Toys R Us. A pair of Superlux 668b's or Samson SR850's paired with the Astro Mixamp and Zalman Mic will run you $180 to $190 on Ebay or Amazon but will sound as good as a $1000 surround sound receiver. For $340 total, you can pair the mixamp with the best Sony headphones you will ever use in Gaming which are the MDR-MA900's.

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@Murderstyle75: for what you are suggesting he pay you are better off with the pulse headset. I am sure those headsets are superior to the pulse but if he is not a DJ then the pulse is one of the best and good for the price.

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You may think he is better off paying that only because marketing has programmed that into everybodies heads. Meanwhile their performance is not good for gaming and are nothing more than a novelty.

And actually, DJ's wouldn't really use these headphones because they need isolation which you cannot get from an open design which is what's truely recommended for gaming. Do you want to know who would use headphones like I'm talking about though? Game developers who make your games. The reason you want an open design is for high fidelity and a good sound stage. Soundstage means 3D positioning which is evactly what you want your game experience to be.

The first two pairs I recommended aren't even expensive. They only cost $40 to $50 but have the sound of a $200 to $300 headphone. The most expensive part is the Astro Mixamp which is a 7.1 amp/Dolby Headphone processor for console gaming. This costs $130 but will get you the best audio you can have on a console. Its also fully compatable with the PS4.

Now there are gaming headsets that really are true for gaming like the Beyerdynamic MMX300 or Sennheiser PC360. They are basically studio reference headphones with a mic attached. Its just cheaper to buy headphones with a mic seperate and you have many more options. Instead of the PC360's, you would go with something like the HD598's.

This stuff may seem expensive and all but in the grand scheme of things, its really affordable. You are getting true hi-fidelity gaming audio for the price of a crappy lower end Home Theater in a Box from Kmart. You might pay $200 to $350 but it sounds like $1000+ in home theater equipment.

If you want more info, I recommend Mad Lust Envys Gaming Headphone Guide.

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Out of curiosity, can you use Sony's PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset on the PS4? Just asking for two reasons: 1. I have one and would like to not spend more money if I can use it and 2. if you can use it I've seen it cheaper on other sites and would definitely recommend it. I use it mainly for the headphones because I play at night and don't want to bother people sleeping. From what I gather from other players, the mic is clear so no issues there.

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Thanks Murderstyle, actually some good insight into the audio side of gaming.

I found those first 2 on amazon for just £30, bargain if the sound quality is worth that of a few hundred dollars !

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Certainly does but to get the most out if them, you will need the a Astro Mixamp. The Samson SR850's are an OEM version of the Superlux 668b's. Both sound great but the Superlux headphones have better comfort. Type both models into a google search with the word gaming next to them and you will see nothing other than near perfect reviews. Especially on

Here's one review here. He mentions mostly about music listening but does mention that they are good gaming headphones.

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@Murderstyle75: Ok so that was a brain hurting lesson into the best headsets so what you are saying is i should get

Superlux HD668B LINK


Astro MixAmp LINK

so all this and i'll have an amazing full surround sound experience.

if i didn't get the astro mixamp would it still be good, just for now i mean. i could afford it all but wife and kid, she'd kill me hahahaha

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Some people don't have the ear to be "audiophlies". Be careful about spending over $300 on a setup for headphones and a mic. For all you know, you might never be able to tell the difference between the two.

Of course I'm a Sennheiser fan and still stick to with them.

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Do not buy the sony pulse headset, 1st the surround sound does NOT work with a jack cable and there sound not very loud even on max volume the sound is good just not ver loud. Also the padding on the top is very thin so after 10 mins on gameplay you will start to feel it digging in. I've also had astros a50 and although there good there Noway worth the £250 price tag. The best headset hands down for me is the old afterglow universal wireless there £60 in the uk and work great with the ps4 by using the jack cable.

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Yes that is the setup and is damn good at that for the money considering most quality audiophile headphones cost $200+ with the exception of a few good ones like the Audio Technica ATH-AD700's. Unlike the AD700's, the 668b's do have some bass to go with your mids and highs because they are semi-open vs a wide open headphone like those AD700's or Sennheiser HD598's. While those are highly regarded as great for competitive shooters, the Superlux are great got all around gaming while still being competitive.

I'm not sure if you can get around using the mixamp but it might be possible. I know there were a lot of products that worked on the PS3 but don't on the PS4. You might be able to buy a headset buddy to plug into the controller for stereo sound and chat but then again you might need a FiiO amp as well to drive the speakers. A Turtle Beach DSS could be an option as well although I hear there is an issue with getting chat. The best place for this kind of information would be and post in their gaming section.

What I do know is the Astro Mixamp Pro works, has awesome 7.1 Dolby Headphone sound and is very reliable. Its also the same product used to run the Astro A40's which while are alright headphones, the setup is about $60 more expensive and the audio is a few notches below the 668b's. Another perk with the Astro Mixamp is the ability to plug in your phone or MP3 player for custom in game music while you play. The device is compatable with the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One (sort of) and PC.

I've recommended this setup to quite a few people on the Official US Playstation boards. These guys are all coming from the Pulse Elites and Sony Wireless headset and are blown away. Now whenever somebody starts a headphone thread asking for information, at least one peoson jumps in with the 668b or SR850 with Mixamp setup. Every one of them used to recommend the Pulse.

It may seem expensive but compared to a $200 to $400 home theater in a box with a fraction of the quality, the setup is a steal. You are also not always tethered to the same headphones. I mean god forbid you break your headphones which is easy to do with Pulse or Turtle Beach and have to buy an expensive replacement. In the unfortunate event that you might break these or just want to upgrade, you only have to replace your headphones. The mixamp should last you many years. I know a few people who are already out $300 to$400+, by replacing headsets like the Pulse because the cheap plastic either snapped above the speaker or they lost the little USB dongle which Sony will not replace.

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@Murderstyle75: ok murderstyleLY... i get it you are a expert of sound or a audiophile. I care about sound if it cost $100 at most not the prices you are talking about. I still recommend the pulse elite if you are a novice for audio techy stuff and not trying to hear every treble and bass and midrange and every hi fi sound. For now the surround sound want work on the Ps4 until sony gives us the patch so the pulse is just a glorified headset where the only sounds will be from your tv or if you have external speakers hook up which i don't.

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Prices I'm talking about is only $30 to $40 more than the retail price for the Pulse Elites. Not very expensive for 10 times the audio. Its like choosing a 1080p Hdtv over a 480p CRT.

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@Murderstyle75: That is a great idea to buy astro mixamp. I have Sennheiser HD 280 pro, but there is no way I could plug those in PS3. Only in TV but I can't regulate volume on phones trough TV, so I was thinking to get Pulse Elite. But now I think I will be able to use my good phones :)

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Ok you've convinced me to get this set up, this will work well with my ps4 and i'm going to get into playing on my pc.

but the question is where will i plug it into??? does it just go straight into my ps4 controller or will it have to be put into my ps4 itself.

i'm such a noob when it comes to headphones but i'm a person who if i'm going to buy something i'm going to buy quality over cheap.

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Bezza I just ordered the astro mixamp with superlux and mic aswell I think the mix amp goes straight into the ps4 and the headset and mic goes into the mixamp. At least that's how the the astros a50s work nothing goes into your tv

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@voodoocanzo: I'm just gonna go for it i mean, it be great to play games with the sound up lol, i have a wife and kid so my game time is like half hour here and there with the volume low lol can't wait.

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Yep. Nothing goes to the controller. Mixamp plugs into the Playstation through a Toslink cable for Audio and USB for power and chat. The cables are very long and if you need them to reach the couch, you shouldn't have a problem. They are also easy to keep organized.

On the other side, the headphones and mic plug into the mixamp itself through a Y splitter. There is also the option to plug in a phone or MP3 player for in game music.

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@Murderstyle75: Ok thanks very much. one final question once i've bought the headphones amp and mic all the wires come included with that or will i have to buy other wires to hook it all up

Astro A40 Gaming MixAmp Pro would this mixamp do for it, or am i best going with the more expensive one, i can get this one for £64/$74

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The new 2013 mix amps are on sale now on astros website there £99 and you get all the wires you need with it. The 1 on eBay has been owned by at least two other people I wouldn't take the chance.

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I would certainly get the. 2013 Mixamp since its now available and on sale. I also believe the older one is lacking features. The 2013 should come with everything. If the old one linked is missing anything, it would be the Y adapter which is very cheap on Astros site. You are tsking a chance with the old one though.

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@Murderstyle75: thanks very much and I will get this set up after Christmas need to sneek some money into the bank have gone abit mad for Christmas but big bonus at end of the week so I'll let you know how it goes cheers

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Huge thank you to murderstyle75 been gaming on the superlux,mixamp combo he recommended and I got to say the sounds blown me away, by far the best sounding headset I've ever owned

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No problem. And remember. The sound gets even better with time once the headphones start burning in. By the time these headphones reach their full potential, a lot of the dedicated "Gamer" headsets that are marketed at us are already falling apart.

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Are there going to be any headsets compatible with both x1 and ps4? I'd like to have a good set I can use with both.

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@Murderstyle75: so are u guys saying any headphone with astro mixamp will sound better? Lets say were comparing to top of the line turtle beach or a astro setup. Im thinking about getting astro mix and akg 701 quincy jones headphone which is alot more, would this be a good setup or i can get something even better?

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Any setup using the Astro Mixamp will work on both. Sound quality will currently be better on the PS4 for now until Microsoft adds Dolby Surround.

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Studio headphones sound light years better than the best offerings from Astro and Turtle Beach for they generally lack in a lot of factors such as soundstage do to their closed or near closed design. Turtle Beach headphones are also very tinny sounding and the Dolby processor usually has an annoying hiss that goes along with it.

Now the Q701's are one of the best headphones you can buy for gaming when paired with the Astro Mixamp. Its near perfect for competitive gaming and still very good for the single player experience. About the only thing it lacks in is sub bass and most of your bass comes from the mid bass department.

Other pairs to consider are the Sony MDR MA900's and AKG K702 65th Anniversery Editions.

To get good reviews on these as well as others, this headphone faq offers great information.

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@Murderstyle75: is there a better amp i can use with the ps4 other than astro or can i add a second amp to it? I heard that astro amp dont have enought juice to run the akg.

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According to support on Astros website, the mixamp can drive speakers up to 200 Ohms.

I've also heard some say the q701's are fine without an additional amp and others say they want it louder. If that's the case for you, an fiio amp is very cheap on Amazon.

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@Murderstyle75: ok thanks, i dont have any of that yet so i dont really know. But can i use a different amp other than astro with dolby?

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For 7.1 Dolby headphone, that answer would be no however I believe there are other amp options for stereo.

The best place for this information would be the video game section on

There used to be great into here as well as some very helpful users who are really knowlogable in audio. That is until gamespot had that huge overhaul and shut down the A/V section.

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@Murderstyle75: @Murderstyle75: ok one more thing before i order. I have turtle beach x41 5.1 dolby with sony mdr700, if i get the mixamp with the same headphone will it be a upgrade?

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Both are the same concept and both use Dolby Headphone. I believe the x41's are 7.1 are they not?

While I have no experience with the x41's I can tell you that turtle beach Dolby processors in general have an annoying hiss to them that the mixamp doesn't have and is crystal clear. I also don't believe that turtle beach can drive higher ohm speakers as good.

And just a word of advice, I'm not sure the MDR700's are all that good for gaming since they are closed air dj headphones. What you certainly want even more than the Q701's would be the MDR-MA900's. 70mm drivers, open air design with an excellent soundstage and imaging, very low ohms meaning you can drive them with about anything and superior comfort.

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@Murderstyle75: have you test the akg and mdrma900? Would it be a night and day difference between them? The ma900 looks really ugly to me, akg looks sexy plus i would like lime green. I know is about sounds but whats really the difference. O yeah, thanks for all this. Before i read this post I ask my gf for ps pulse headset and end up returning it. Hope the new set up will be better.

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I've had Sennheiser and Bose headsets for my PC over the years, my first headset on PS3/4 was the elite pulse headset. Compared to the Bose/Sennheiser headsets it's pretty great. You'd have to be an audio snob to really think the elite pulse was awful.

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@Swedish_Chef: well is not really awful. Is like ive owned home theater in a box and now my speaker cost 600 a peice. Just look for something better.

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Well Bose has not made a good product in over 20 years and you probably have not heard the right Sennheisers since not all Sennheisers are good for gaming. It's not about brand as much as it is about the design and technology. Have you ever heard an open air headphone design, outputting 7.1 Dolby Headphone?

The sound difference is so great that its pretty much the audio equivalent of 480p vs 1080p or even 720p. Now would you call somebody a video snob for preferring high definition over standard or enhanced definition? Can you really tell me that the gimmicky Pulse Elites from Toys R Us are even comparable to the Sony MDR-MA 900's, or MDR-F1's?

Now I bet if Sony or Turtle Beach offered something like a $150 gamers TV that vibrated and tried to simulate HD, you would buy it and call anybody recommending a 1080p display a video snob.

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I'd recommend these.

#43 Posted by Murderstyle75 (4167 posts) -


Looking at the release date, you haven't even heard it yet.

But looking at its design, its something you should probably stay away from.

Not sure when these companies are going to learn but a quality gaming headset should not be centered around bassy lows mids and explosions.