games that really show off the power of the ps4

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I recently became a proud owner of a ps4. I am still deciding on what games to get, but I would definitely like games that look awesome graphics wise. My friends suggested second son and watch dogs, but I have it for the xbox one, which I regret, since I heard the ps4 version is better in graphics and it has exclusive content. I've also considered kill zone. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you in advance

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Definitely Second Son.. Killzone was "made to show off the power of the PS4".. MLB is insanely good looking considering you can see the actual real texture of grass (if you're a sports fan) but tends to lack a little in some of the other aspects. Tomb Raider is decent graphic wise.. BUT it uses a lot of the "power features" PS4 has, such as the controller speaker, LED light, voice commands, etc. I had it on PS3 and I enjoy exploring and using the new features. To me, the true graphical marvels will start showing within the next couple of months and into 2015, where I believe game designers will start moving away from last-gen into the current gen. Next-gens have sold well since they've been out, I think that'll fuel the real graphical games.

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Nothing yet, most 1st and 2nd year release look bad compared to later released games.


Mass Effect 1 to Mass Effect 3

Uncharted 1 to Uncharted 3

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since most games are still cross-gen , you have to go with exclusives.

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Without a doubt inFamous Second Son

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infamous second son and killzone sf for me

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i don't think there is a game yet that shows off the power of PS4 as a "this is an awesome looking game".

for me, just being new to the market and far more powerful than PS3 means all games look far better than those of the 8 year old PS3 and while Killzone looks fantastic. its what i'd expect at the start of this gen.

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Killzone, Infamous, Drive Club, Little Big Planet 3, Uncharted 4, The Order 1886, Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed Unity, Mortal Kombat X, Grand Theft Auto 5, Far Cry 4, and so forth. Some people will make the claim that Far Cry 4, GTA 5, and Mortal Kombat X are just ports, but they are not. The lighting in Far Cry cannot be done on PS3. GTA 5 looks five times better on PS4 as well. The last generation versions will definitely have differences from the ones on the new platforms. People think that just because a game is on a last generation platform that this means the newer technology did get put to use. This has never been the case. Battletoads and Double Dragon played very differently on SNES than it did on NES. Same goes for Tony Hawk's Pro skater 3 on PS1 and PS2. Are you going to see the newer systems pushed to their limits in the first year? The answer is no. Will you notice a difference between last generation and this generation? Yes.

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Killzone and Ground Zero!

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Watch dog definite shouldn't be on this list. Second son should be and drive club next as well as ground zero and unity will be on this list.

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Why not? After playing it on PS3 with shatty graphics, the PS4 is a big leap. Admitting, its not one of the best so far on PS4.. but it does look very nice.

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Killzone SF and Infamous second son show off the graphics of the ps4 really well.

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The part of Shadow Fall where you are hanging off the helicopter, flying through the city.

The night time parts of InFamous. Especially the neon effects.

Wet ground effects in InFamous and Watchdogs..still looks more like plastic, but still some of the best wet pavement effects.

About it really.

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Probably Infamous.

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Thank you for all of your suggestions. I decided on buying killzone and second son, but I am planning on buying more, with your guy's suggestions in mind.

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second son ,trine 2 looks amazing too

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@lacmicmcd said:

Why not? After playing it on PS3 with shatty graphics, the PS4 is a big leap. Admitting, its not one of the best so far on PS4.. but it does look very nice.

I totally agree WD looks amazing.