Game upgrades (PS4)

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Fast question

Currently very bored in terms of gaming, and the wait to play BF4 is killing me softly so to speak.

Does the £10 upgrade from PS3 to PS4 only work online, or could I walk into ASDA, buy the PS3 version today and do the same again when the PS4 version comes. Thanks

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You can buy a hard copy or digital for PS3, but you can only download the digital copy for PS4.

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The games in the PS4 upgrade bit have a code you put in.This, along with sticking the PS3 disc into your PS4, allow you to download the PS4 version.

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Like others said its digital only through psn. I already upgraded my bf4

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Decided to pass on BF4 so I get the full effect on PS4 :)

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@Wallyh08 said:


Decided to pass on BF4 so I get the full effect on PS4 :)

Well if you do buy it, all of your MP stats are supposed to carry over. My plan on selling my PS3 copy should get more than $10 so I should get it for free on PS4 upgrade.

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So tempting! Not sure if playing the PS3 version will ruin my next gen bf experience :P It was going to be the first game I play, and all 'wooooa!' ;)

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I see your point, but that might help you really compare the consoles. Imagine how much better it might look on PS4, also they do have added features for PS4 that sound kinda cool. I like that you can use your PC for a map of the level

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If I were you, I would wait to get the full retail version of BF4. Just makes the experience of having the actual copy better. It may just be me.