Fixes/Advice for New PS4 Users

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Just thought I'd take a minute to offer some advice based on what I've read to new ps4 users.

Seems like a lot of the people reporting "bricked" consoles are having the ps4 freeze or lose connection while downloading the day one update. This is easily avoided by downloading it via PC and installing it to your PS4 using a flash drive.

Instructions on how to do this:,2817,2427080,00.asp

Another issue people are having is the ps4 powering up but no output signal to the tv which seems to be caused by a bent hdmi connector in the ps4. It can be fixed with caution.

Fix for that here:

I personally have been lucky and my console is running smoothly although it did freeze and require a hard restart last night while browsing the PSN Store.

Be mindful of the amount of traffic hitting PSN today and the next few days, dropping connection or freezing while updating anything is never good.

Good luck and congrats on owning a NEXT GEN SYSTEM!

PS- If anyone else comes across info relating to any PS4 related problems please let me know and I will update the post!

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Good info thanks. Just like to point out both links point to the same link when clicked directly in your post ;)

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Im glad I have no issues beside a few psn issues this morning. Knock on wood.

Works great now.