Finally got the platinum for Watch Dogs..

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Have to say...I'm getting sick of these purely luck based trophies. Lots of people have complained--even started petitions over the drinking games in this game and their difficulty, but the trophies "Disk Space Full" and "Traced" have got to be the most annoying things I've ever had to deal with. Just finished wandering the city for 5 hours praying for a civilian to hold the last song needed to unlock the platinum. No skill needed. Just pure luck. Kind of makes me furious.

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what did u think of the game?

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When you do a gang hideout or any other mission with blu dot does the dot go away after completing mission? Which is your favorite side mission or campaign mission?

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life of a trophy hunter

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I want to get platinum for this, but there is no way I'm going to do so much repetition to achieve this. Game is good, but so far I'm finding side missions are identical. I was enjoying the game and like Black Flag, enjoyed doing side missions for a few days, but now starting to become a chore.

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"social lubricant" trophy kept me from getting the platinum.

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@digitm64: I agree there are too many side missions. I will get all the hot spots and try to do all gang hideouts and investigations to the girls murdered. The racing games offline I want finish but convoys are easy. I love the digital trios and incentive to get great scores and rankup in weapons and items. I will hack more and also do ctos but I could never get to 100% competition. I think gta was better at not feeling like it's impossible to get to 100% offline.

gagave up black flag because of repetitive missions but there are far more interesting things to in watch dog than black flag. The only problem is watch dog has too many of each side mission which causes fatigue to complete them and this I just offline.

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I gave up on the platinum because of the online trophies. I hate online trophies as it is, but luck based online trophies? those have a special place reserved in hell for them

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maybe one day.. i will platinum a game.. one day,

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@CWEBB04z: support group? lol.

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Kind of reminds me of finding EVERY LAST shard in Infamous. I wandered around the island for probably 4-5 hours before I found the last shard.

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Grats, i cant bother make 100%, i will just make the mainstory. I have had the game since day one but it is not fun enough to keep me playing so I am only at act 2. Some games draw you in and are so fun that you cant stop play, Watch Dogs is not one of those games.

Why do you do 100%? because game is fun or are you achievement-collector?

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this game is real sweet best open world game i've played on my Xbox.

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If ever there was a case for trophies being pointless, it's this game.

My condolences go out to you for wasting your time on this garbage.