Final Fantasy VII Orthopedic Underwear

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just a fast question, the Orthopedic Underwear in tifa room do you get it in your rare items in the preasant, since you get it in the past? Because I don't see it in my item list.

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wait, isnt this the PS3 section
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dont get your panties in a bundle, i dont know the answer, but maybe you didnt get the meaning of my post, this is the PS3 section, FF7 is a ps1 game, not ps3,, so post in the general games section,
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I would post in the ps1 section if they had one, and general game is for like computers been there and got nowhere, so it ws ps2 or ps3 and no diff to me
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In the time you are spending, getting upset about this, you could be finding an answer.

Gamefaq walkthrough list

And sixty seconds later, picked one, Edit>Find in Page

The next time you are given control, you can enter Tifa's house to the
Southeast. She'll ask if you went in her house, choose yeah, go upstairs and
she'll ask if you went in her room, choose yeah again. Examine the dresser at
the top corner of her room to receive the Orthopedic Underwear, which doesn't
actually do anything. You can play with the piano if you wish.

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please show me where it says about it, i looked and can't find out, i FOUND the item all the guides say where to find it, all I wanted to know is if it shows up in rare items area when cloud returns to his time frame, because i didn't see it in items menu, and it doesn't say, I have been there to gamefaq. So if you could point it out to me
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yeah, general games isnt the pc section... on recalling the game, i do not believe that you get the item in your rare items list, i think that is just cuz its a flashback, and kind of a joke
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Sometimes people are trying to help you.
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oh yeah, im sure you checked gamefaqs very well,

"{9} Flashback at Kalm Town |
Treasure: Megalixir, Ether, Ether, Peacemaker, Guard Source, Ether.
Special: Orthopedic Underwear(no real item)"
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thats what I wanted to know, thank you, i didn't need all that from people, why is it so hard for pople just to be understanding and tell me a one line, I needed it from someone that had played it and the guides don't tell you. I know its not just PC anyway thank you at least I got what I was looking for. as for paintballindude. it was on called for thats what mods are for, im not a first post newbie that doesn't know what the hell he is doing. thanks for the help though awhansen01
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your welcome, but dont be so grouchy next time, paintballindude was right, i took me like 2 minutes to find, so... yeah
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Is that like Mormon underwear?
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Im not going to be harassed anymore, im ending this right now, i refuse to anwser anymore of this bashing