Final Fantasy Type-0 director: 'We did experiment with' HD console version

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Please, Square. Just remaster this game for the friggin' PS3 already!! Fine, Make a Vita port, 360 port, Wii-U port, iPhone, Android, tablets, etc. as well but PS3 needs a good "Final Fantasy" game finally... I mean, another good Final Fantasy game that doesn't have "XIII" in the name. Sure. Let's go with that...

The staff behind the acclaimed PlayStation Portable game Final Fantasy Type-0 apparently "experimented with" a high-definition console version of the game at one point.

This news came from an interview with the game's director Hajime Tabata from the Japanese Type-0 art book that was recently translated. When asked if there were plans for an HD version of the game for consoles, Tabata replied, "We did think about how fun it would be playing Type-0 on an HD television. In fact we did experiment with it, and it was definitely submersive."

However, don't get your hopes up. Tabata finished his answer to the question by saying, "But unfortunately, there are no plans as of yet."

Square Enix should take more risks and jump into following through with "experiments" like this. Surely a port the PlayStation Vita wouldn't be too hard. At the very least, please publish Final Fantasy Type-0 outside of Japan!

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I would like that to be ported to something too.
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It is Square Enix...they'll find all sorts of fun ways to mess things up.