FIFA Street 3 on PSP

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#1 Posted by AGrant_12 (50 posts) -
is fifa street 3 being released for psp? :S
#2 Posted by Watermelon4372 (383 posts) -
I think it's only for Xbox 360, PS3, and DS. It'd be tough to do tricks and play with only one analog stick.
#3 Posted by AGrant_12 (50 posts) -

true, but they could come up with different controls don't you think?

#4 Posted by avatar3000 (26 posts) -

If fifa street is gettin released psp i am so gettin it:D

#5 Posted by vicdmx (428 posts) -
No it is not being released for the psp only XBOX360 and PS3 i think and PS2
#6 Posted by getfreaky (199 posts) -
No maybe not yet...