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#1 Posted by Habsrule31 (106 posts) -
What are your thoughts on Far Cry 3? Will you be buying it? I am really excited for it myself and would love to purchase the game when it comes out.
#2 Posted by joe_b1_kenobi (157 posts) -

It looks awesome. But I thougth that about far cry 2 and ended up being dissapointed. So I really dont know at the moment. Probably wait til the price comes down to pick it up rather than day one purchase.

#3 Posted by gangstafc (228 posts) -
seems ok too me especially the map creator. the best thing if you could make single player maps and multiplayer maps unlike farcry 2 which they only allowed multiplayer maps.
#4 Posted by OneInchMan99 (1127 posts) -

I loved Far Cry 2 and I'm eagerly awaiting my Insane Edition which I pre-ordered back in May,and I never pre-order usually.Game looks fantastic,can't wait to get lost in paradise!!!

#5 Posted by jordonj (1069 posts) -
I liked FC2 and am very excited for Far Cry 3.
#6 Posted by ristactionjakso (5823 posts) -

I pre ordered it asap.

It gonna be awesome.

#7 Posted by Vari3ty (11111 posts) -

I think it's going to be fantastic, probably one of the best games of this year. An open world FPS with lots of exploration? Heck yeah. The setting is also reminding me of LOST (my favorite TV series), so I'm really intrigued by the game overall.

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The setting is also reminding me of LOST (my favorite TV series)...Vari3ty

Smoke monster not included :lol:

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[QUOTE="Vari3ty"]The setting is also reminding me of LOST (my favorite TV series)...Kravyn81

Smoke monster not included :lol:

Good point.:P

#10 Posted by Nophoria88 (410 posts) -

Total sleeper hit for me, when I've heard the name Far Cry 3 I held no interest at all but after looking into it since the IGN review, I must say it actually looks pretty fantastic.

#11 Posted by HipHopBeats (2921 posts) -

Never had any intrest in a fps before but the gameplay demo's definitely peaked my interest. I may pick this up for a reasonable price and trade in AC3 for it. I can't see myself ever paying $60 + tax for a game again.

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I can't wait for my copy to arrive this friday i preordered the regular edition.

#13 Posted by Venom_Raptor (6958 posts) -

I've been looking forward to it for a couple of years, definitely one of my most anticipated games. It looks outstanding.

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just played 2 hours game is very beautiful and gameplay is good, I bought the Insane edition that comes with lots of DLC, a bobblehead figure, and the "survival guide" that is in a kaki cloth wrap and is already "torn" with bloodstains, it has some survival hints and lots of nonsense humor.

you unlock special skills (healing, stealth kill are first ones you get) with XP that you get by doing special kills and accomplishing missions.

#15 Posted by Ballroompirate (23444 posts) -

Getting it day 1 (Dec 4 in NA).

#16 Posted by Jackc8 (8500 posts) -

The stuff I've seen looks great and I'm pretty interested in it. Not enough to pay $60 at launch though - I'll get it next year sometime.

#17 Posted by H_M_1 (1150 posts) -
GOTY for me. I enjoy jungles/forests etc, this setting nails it. I'll get it later on, need to finish Darksiders 2 first and then Dead Space 2.
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I was a fan of FC2 so I'll check this one out once I can get it for a bit less.
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I never played the previous Far Cry games - everything I heard was either mixed or just outright negative - so Far Cry 3 wasn't even on my radar. But after listening to the guys over on Giant Bomb's Bombcast talk about their limited experience with the game... Their sheer enthusiasm for what the game could be was infectious and now I'm seriously interested in the game. I highly doubt I'll buy it upon release, but it'll certainly go in my queue of games to buy next year. Unless it turns out to be a complete clusterf*ck.