Far Cry 2 will not work on multiplayer

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#1 Posted by Davyvfr (789 posts) -
Hello, I have Far Cry 2 and the multiplayer does not work. It says it can't find any suitable matches. Yet, all other online games work just fine, why is this?
#2 Posted by Masenkoe (4888 posts) -

Far Cry 2 ??

Maybe because that game is old and would be completely dead? Not even sure if 2 had multi.

If you mean 3 there's probably not much activity since it doesn't release most places till the 4th

#3 Posted by campzor (34932 posts) -
because the game is 4 years old...and it wasnt even popular back then.. no community /thread
#4 Posted by AmnesiaHaze (5683 posts) -

ive played FC2 alot but never even tried that multiplayer , guess its time to move on to FC3 , its so much better anyway

#5 Posted by _Matt_ (8868 posts) -

While the community is not entirely dead (not on unranked at least) last time I checked, it may still take a few attempts to find a game, as it is pretty close to dead

#6 Posted by Davyvfr (789 posts) -
Thanks for the replies. I was able to get in after a few try's. Multiplayer lags a little, and it could be because I am at a university.