Fallout 3: Special Weapons

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Well i know of three special weapons in fallout 3, One of them "Sydney's 10mm Ultra SMG" is a smg that does around 60 damage when fully repaired. I got that weapon from Sydney in the quest were you are sent to recover the declaration of independence. My second weapon is "The Terrible Shotgun" i got this one from a evil shopkeeper underground (killing him gives good karma) this shotgun which is essentially a overpowered combat shotgun dishes out 100 damage a blast. My latest special weapon is "The Kneecapper" (does 120 Damage i believe when fully repaired.  i got it off Ronald Luaren, and i figured out a way not to get bad karma from killing him! if you have a body guard with you you should be able to do this, simply plant a frag mine on the ground have it detonate the second you put it down. Then Ronald will get up and try to kill you, your body guard will finish him off and you lose no karma.


Are thier any special weapons that i dont have? anyone know of any others?

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Just found Occan's Razor from a merc commander.
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lincoln's repeater is a very accurate hunting rifle kind of weapon. It does a lot of damage. However it uses .44 magnum ammo. You can find it in the museum of history in the offices i believe.
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sounds good ill hunt that down sooner or later.
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go to gamefaqs.com there is a special weapons guide that tells you the location of the unique guns. It should help you out.
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Theres an alien laser pistol to very powerful one shot kill for most part i think it did 120 damage.
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Theres an alien laser pistol to very powerful one shot kill for most part i think it did 120 damage.potato66
yeah i heard about that. It said there is some mini event that leads to you getting it. Do you know how or where you need to go?
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Look on your map there should be a big square somewhere around the top right of map its whiter than the rest of the map, theres a crashed alien spaceship with a dead alien search his body and pick up energy cells they are the ammo. Its very radio active there( Also if your close you should bick up a distress radio signal the alien sent.)
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cool thanks!
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I also found an experimental MIRV or something its in the national guard depo you need the keller tapes to get to the real room. I also found the alien pistol, Victory rifle in one of the rooms with the keller tapes it took 100lockpicking to open the cabinet....and a lot of pics :(


Woot this post is the first google link for special weapons

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go to the mdpl-something power station and go north.you will soon get a new radio signal.keep going north untill you find a house with a crater running through it. follow thw crater and you will find a crashed spaceship where there is an alien body next to 11 alien power cells(each contains about ten shots) and an alien blaster
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I have these: Alien Blaster, Sydney's gun or wtvr, Blackhawk, Alien Blaster, Smuggler's End, Wazer Wifle, Plunkett's Valid Points, Butch's Toothpick, and Highwayman's Friend. To get to the alien blaster you go to Greener Pastures Disposal site in right hand corner of map and go north. you'll pick up REcon Craft Theta BEacon Radio signal and theres a ufo. hes laying right by the door. if you press z u can pick him up. i tried to carry him all the way to my house but got bored. long walk. and also the Blackhawk is the coolest so far. its just a pistol but it does hella damage. one shot kills the majority of the time. its southwest of the minefield and just northeast of the Meresti Trainyard in Agatha's House. You have to go to vault 92 though and find the soil stradivarius (a violin) which is just lying there (i picked it upand i didnt even know what it was or that i was looking for it) also while in vault 92 go into the bathrooms and theres some sheet music there you gotta pick up. go to agathas house and give her both and shell give you a tight gun.
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Dogmeat is great for getting stuff in locked locker, safe, and etc, if you don't have 100 lockpicking skill. I asked him to get me a weapon in a room where the safe (or locker?) is in and after a few tries he got me the Victory Rifle. Dogmeat can get around locked lockers, safes and etc.
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The Experimental MIRV does about 13000 points of damage. Fires 8 mininukes in a shotgun spread. And the plasma rifle that you get from the android is also

awsome(don't remember name srry). Also the Xuanlong assualt rifle.

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All Fallout 3 weapons and Unique variations. Have fun :P

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Joel_Pichardo what in the game is so strong it needs that to be used on it, when would you use that